US Top SalesIn February last year we ran an Employee Spotlight Interview on Nichole, one of our Top Sales Reps in IQPC New York.

Another year has passed and Nichole’s achievements continue to grow, so as she celebrates her 5 year anniversary with IQPC we wanted to check in again and find out a little more about her story…


How did you come to find your way to IQPC New York?  

Honestly, I NEVER thought I’d land a successful career in sales!   I went to school for Social Work and thought that would be my path but after graduation, I realized I didn’t want to pursue a master degree so I starting working as a Behavioral Specialist at a school and realized that wasn’t the right fit for me either. I was at a crossroads. I thought long and hard about what it was that I love to do; I love talking with people and helping others!  So when my brother’s BFF suggested I consider trying out sales at his company IQPC, I decided to give it a shot!   That was just over 5 years ago! 

Well, we’re so happy you came to us!  What’s your journey been like these past 5 years? 

I started with the VIP team, then moved over to Delegate Acquisition (Outbound Sales) for a few months and finally moved in the Enquiry (Inbound Sales) team.  I was really nervous to switch teams each time because I saw how challenging it was going to be, but I could also see clearly the rewards that were waiting for me if I did.  

Any favorite memories / highlights you can share?  

I very clearly remember when I closed my first deal, everyone on my team shredded up some napkins to make “confetti’ and tossed them in their air to celebrate with me!  I’m sure the office cleaning crew wasn’t happy with us that day but it was a special memory for me…. Also, my boss told me to call my Mom and Dad to let them know, which I did, of course 🙂 

Not surprisingly, my other favorite memory is when I become a “Million Dollar” girl! 

What’ s the team culture like within the Sales Department? 

The team is very close knit and for me, after 5 year, it really feels like a family.  We sit quite close to each other so we know A-LOT about each other both personally and professionally.  We work really hard but we also have a lot of fun and share a lot of laughs… sometimes we have morning bingo or other kinds of rev up sessions, for example jeopardy or area code trivia, just fun ways to get everyone pumped to up to attack the day.   

The management team creates a great culture, my manager always looks out for my best interests, I can be very open with him and he’s always ready to listen and treats me fairly.

My relationship with my coworkers is great as well…  if anyone is having a bad month sales wise, everyone supports and encourages each other.  At the same time we’re super competitive!  Everyone’s numbers are up on the board so we all know all the time where we are rank, we are constantly pushing each other to do better. We have each other backs but we also keep either other on their toes!  

What advice would you give to other who are new to the team or are thinking about joining? 

Well, I messed up quite a bit in the beginning and made mistakes, but I learned from those mistakes and found that small failures can be some of the best ways to learn. So my advice to newer employees is to be patient and give it time; there’s a learning curve and it can be hard in the beginning but if you put in the hard work you can succeed! 

Like I said, I had my fair share of challenges at the start but it was all worth it…I genuinely really like the work I do and the money I earn!

Last question, are you looking forward to going shopping for your 5 year anniversary gift, the watch of your choice?  

Absolutely!  Can’t wait!

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