CMO Jason Romain on marketing automation, digital natives and value based content at IQPC

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Jason HeadshotFor the past 11 years Jason Romain, CMO of IQPC has helped shape our global marketing strategy, essentially revolutionising the way we interact with our customers and prospects. Here Jason shares some of the changes he’s seen in that time and his view on what’s coming next.


ES: Hi Jason, thanks for taking the time to meet with me today. I wanted to start this interview by asking what you think are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in marketing strategy over the last 10 years

JR: Wow, yes it changed a lot in the last 10 years. 10 years ago I remember and I’m sure you do as well, marketers sitting around in groups, putting stamps on envelopes and handwriting addresses; essentially trying to personalise packages that went out.

ES: I remember choosing the different colored envelopes

JS: Yep those too, the big brochures, all that kind of stuff and even faxes, we used to line up at fax machines! Apart from the major technology changes, I also think the customer has changed, trying to reach the customer has become harder and harder. It wasn’t just about direct mail and fax; the phone was a key part of our strategy too. Our outbound delegate sales essentially cold called prospects and drove 50% maybe 60% of revenue, now it’s harder to get someone on the phone, so we do as much work on trying to nurture leads as we do on other marketing mediums. Linked in, Facebook, You Tube none of this existed; and these changes have affected consumer behavior as much as they have marketing strategy.

ES: Has the customer become more discerning about how they are approached?

JR: Maybe, they certainly have more filters in place, there are more barriers to entry, most people don’t have secretaries anymore but they have automated phone systems, they use email and social media to connect; it’s just not as simple as picking up a phone and calling someone anymore. Social selling is on the rise and consumers interact with brands and products in a really different way.

ES: So what does that mean for us? How has IQPC’s strategy changed to adapt to all this?  

JR: We definitely spend allot more time on online marketing then we ever did before, whether that is pay per click, looking at google analytics, communicating through social media channels, or trying to craft a compelling message. But certainly the generation of content and how we leverage it is the biggest change. We no longer focus on just the brochure and a sales letter, now we want to produce value based content, white papers, info-graphics, videos; more formats to reach people in an interactive way and drive inbound leads which we work hard to nurture. We post the content on multiple social media channels and a wide variety of channels, including some of our own online communities like PEX Network or the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON). To reach people we have to cut through the noise. We talk about fishing where the fish are, trying to reach people where they are already interacting in groups so that we don’t have to interrupt. We also try to find key influencers, the people who lead those communities and engage with them and we work hard with some of our speakers and sponsors so that they also shout about our events.

ES: There seems to be allot of chatter on the social channels about storytelling, is that important for us?

JR: Yes I think storytelling is important, we talk allot about the customer journey at IQPC. Storytelling is in essence a modern way of saying copywriting; but it’s also about how you can communicate with your customer by adding value. For us that used to be about crafting a compelling ‘main mail’ sales letter, now its about creating meaningful pieces of content for our customers, content that is relevant for each individual or skill or sector that we are targeting for a particular event. Content that “adds more value than we can capture.”

ES: Can you give me an example of a recent content piece we’ve used?

JR: We just did some really interesting stuff on process excellence called ‘My Pex Journey’. It was about how different customers have interacted with our Process Excellent Summit over time; so the first time they came to the event, what they learnt, what they took away, how they applied it. It’s about getting those customer stories to come to the forefront rather than constantly saying here are our features and benefits.

ES: So getting our customers to do our storytelling for us?

JR: In essence yes.

ES: Can you tell me about DART, does this move into Data Analytics also play a part?

JR: Yes, absolutely! DART or SSON Analytics combines all our internal event based data and new external data sources to create a powerful story about various aspects of the Shared Services and Outsourcing industry. It’s very exciting, but we are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data and it’s potential.

ES: So what’s coming next in marketing?

JR: For IQPC its marketing automation and that means more work on lead scoring and automated responses to behavior, so if the customers interact with our marketing in a certain way they get a certain response. And it’s all pre-programmed ahead of time so we can just watch the results and tweak the communication to make sure its working. This is all driven by the Oracle sales and marketing cloud software that we’re implementing and some very smart thinking by our marketing teams! The system will help us understand customer behavior better, for example how people interact with our website will now be incorporated into our lead score and this should have dramatic impact on inbound marketing. I also think we will continue to see allot more leads being generating, huge increases in volume which means we will be able to focus our sales team on the higher scoring leads, We might not even call some of the lower ranked leads and instead put them into lead nurturing campaigns, so that will be a big change internally as well.

I also think we are going to see ongoing proliferation of social media channels, there will always be new channels coming up that we are going to have to deal with. I can imagine one of our genius marketers is adding a pokestop to their event as we speak!

I think we will also see big changes in email which will be extremely challenging, not just regulatory but also how companies filter emails. We will also see the continued rise of re-marketing, which I hope will also become more intuitive and effective.

ES: So how is this affecting the type of people we look to hire? What qualities do we look for in a new marketer? Do they need to be extremely tech savvy?

I think the younger generation of marketers that are coming through are already allot more tech savvy because they study it at university, but they are also mostly digital natives, they grew up with it. In fact they are introducing the skills to us, which is to be honest the most exciting bit. But I think underlying all this is that more than before, you have to be passionate about marketing. It didn’t matter before if they had a degree in English or the Arts of whatever, and maybe it doesn’t matter, but I think it helps to have a specialist degree in marketing and at a minimum they have to show that they’ve self learned allot of these different skills, whether it’s SEO or pay for click, social media etc. Allot of this stuff has to be self taught so they have to have that passion.

I think all the same skills like time management, copy writing, analytical ability; these basic core skills have to be there too, but an over-arching passion for marketing and specifically digital marketing is probably more important than it’s ever been.

ES: And what about our existing marketing team, what are we doing to continually develop them?

JR: That’s a good question, we have two levels. We have the local training and the global training. I think at a local, office level we are talking about standard stuff, how to use the systems, how to build basic marketing plans, how to execute those plans, how to work with the teams. All this plan strategy and execution training is done locally. Then at a global level its talent identification, where we take all the up and coming talent once a year through a 12 week management development course that involves internal leaders and external trainers. It’s also not all one way, they have to do some work!

But above and beyond all that the best marketers these days are the ones that are always self learning; you have to keep up to date with this stuff. So we’ve tried to create a culture where people are constantly sharing things. So I’ll have a Marketing Manager in Dubai email me and say hey have you heard about this new thing and quite often I won’t have. There’s such a proliferation of channels and technology, some of which doesn’t require a massive instillation like the Oracle CRM system, so allot of this stuff they can just implement tomorrow. So it’s about staying aware and constantly testing. That’s why I think if we can hire people who are passionate about marketing and constantly interested in learning they will also drive this learning journey for themselves and for us.

ES: Thank you Jason

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IQPC Employee Spotlight Series: Meet Nichole, Enquiry Sales, New York



nichole2Nichole Brodach is a true IQPC employee success story.

She joined the New York office on the VIP sales team a little more than three years ago. She worked her way up through Delegate Acquisition as a top performer and finished as the top sales rep for the Enquiries team in 2015.

In 2016 Nichole passed another major company milestone achieving $1,000,000 in Delegate Acquisition sales! IQPC’s Core Value that best defines Nichole is PASSION! She constantly strives to achieve her targets and sets high expectations for her performance.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Nichole and learn about her successful career with IQPC. This is her story in her own words.

How did you come to work for IQPC?

I earned a degree in Social Work, and started working with specials needs children, but it didn’t feel like the right fit. In May 2013 a family friend who worked on the Delegate Sales team suggested I come in for an interview, and after I met the team I knew this was something I wanted to do.

What do you enjoy about working for IQPC?

The environment; It’s important to like the work you do and who you work with. I love my boss and my team.

Can you sum up our culture in three words?

Warm, supportive, like a family

IQPC is known as a transparent, no place to hide business. People are measured on their results and expectations are high. What does it take to flourish in an environment like that, and why does it work for you?

First you really have to want it; you need to be organized, determined, and conscientious, determined and have a high sense of urgency. I love working in a high demand environment where I can responsible for my results. I also love the supportive team environment.

Do you get a chance to socialize with your teammates at work?

Yes definitely; I also see a lot of my teammates outside of work. I’m very close to my team.

You’ve been at this company for awhile. What keeps you motivated?

Every day is a new day with new challenges, and I love that the harder I work for more money I can earn. The team recently added new incentives for hitting targets, so I am rewarded for my performance.

Can you tell me about the training and development you received at IQPC?

I’ve earned two promotions since I joined IQPC. I was nervous when I first moved up into the new roles, and the hands-on approach to training gave me a chance to learn while doing. I learned from my successes and my mistakes.

What lessons or skills have you learned during your time here?

I had no sales experience when I started here so I learned how to be a sales professional. I developed strong phone skills and how to write professional emails. I’ve learned how to lead a sales conversation, and how to create and maintain a sense of urgency.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Learning the nuances of brand new events coming to market; many are very tech focused so many topics may be unfamiliar at first, but it’s a great learning experience.

What’s the one thing that surprised you about this company?

I never expected to love working in sales as much as I do. I’m also amazed at how many friends I’ve made working here.

What advice would you give to a new employee working at IQPC?

Be patient and optimistic, and give it times. Success in sales doesn’t come overnight, but if you consistently work hard you will be successful.

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How to sell combs to monks!


Dora ZhangThis Monday when I opened my email after the weekend break I found the following story. It had been shared by Dora, one of our very talented and successful Senior Sales Professionals, with all of her colleagues in Singapore.

“This story taught me how to multiply sales results in my career. I would like to share it with all of you, so that we can continuously learn together how a shift in mindset and attitude can make a significant difference to results.” Dora 

I love the attitude our people have to learning and I love that success is seen as a collective rather than an individual venture. I also totally agree with Dora that this is a powerful story and one certainly worth sharing…

The Story

3 sales professionals applied to work for a huge company. As they were all evenly qualified, the interviewer decided to set a sales challenge and the person who sold the most would be awarded the job.

The challenge was to sell combs to monks of any temple up in the mountains. “You have 3 days, and the person who sells the most will get the job” said the interviewer.

After 3 days, the 3 applicants returned, and reported their results.

Candidate 1 said “I managed to sell one comb. The monks scolded me, saying I was openly mocking them. Disappointed, I gave up and left. But on my way back, I saw a junior monk with an itchy scalp; he was constantly scratching his head. I told him the comb would help him with his scratching and he bought one comb”

Candidate 2 said “That’s good, but I did better. I sold 10 combs.” Excited, the interviewer asked “How did you do it?” Candidate 2 replied “I observed that the visitors had very messy hair due to the strong winds they faced while walking to the temple. I convinced the monk to give out combs to the visitors so they could tidy themselves up and show greater respect during their worship.”

Candidate 3 stepped up “Not so fast, I sold more than both of them.” “How many did you sell” asked the interviewer.

“A thousand combs”

“Wow! How did you do it?” the interviewer exclaimed.

“I went to one of the biggest temples there, and thanked the Senior Master for serving the people and providing a sacred place of worship for them. He was very gracious and said he would like to thank and appreciate his visitors for their support and devotion. I suggested that the best way would be to offer his visitors a memento and the blessing of Buddha. I showed him the wooden combs which I had engraved words of blessings and told him people would use the combs daily and would serve as a constant reminder to do good deeds. He liked the idea, and proceeded to order a thousand combs”

You got lucky,” one of the other candidates said bitterly.

“Not really,” the interviewer countered. “He had a plan, which was why he had the comb engraved prior to his visit. Even if that temple did not want it, another one surely would.”

“There is more,” the third candidate smiled. “I went back to the temple yesterday to check on the Master. He said many visitors told their friends and family about the comb with the Buddha’s blessing. Now even more people are visiting every day. Everyone is asking for the comb, and giving generous donations too! The temple is more popular than ever, and the Master says he will run out of the combs in a month… and will need to order more!”

Learning Points

The three different candidates show us the different levels of sales performance:

Candidate 1 displayed the most basic level, which is to meet the prospect’s personal needs. The monk with the itchy scalp had a personal need; it was specific to him only.

Candidate 2 shows the next level – anticipating and creating new needs for the prospect. Perhaps the monk doesn’t have an obvious need for the comb, but how can it still be beneficial to him? When you can educate the prospect on new possibilities and benefits for his business, you are already outperforming your competitors.

Candidate 3 demonstrates the best level of all; an ongoing relationship resulting in repeat sales and referrals. Everyone was a winner, the monk, the devotees, the 3rd candidate and the interviewer. Help your prospects benefit their prospects, to create maximum value. View each prospect not as individuals, but also their contacts and network beyond them. See each customer as lifetime clients instead of one time sales.

Our beliefs and thoughts shape our actions and ultimately, our results. When faced with a challenge, how do you respond? And how big do you think? How can you create new needs for your prospect and benefit their customers?



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Employee Spotlight Series: Meet Robert, Team Leader, Enquiry Sales, Berlin



This month we catch up with Robert to talk about his life in sales and IQPC Berlin

When did your IQPC career begin? I joined IQPC in March 2014

Why did you join IQPC? I was looking for a sales job to start a career in sales.

What do you think is unique about working at IQPC? It is challenging on a daily basis. You put in hard work and see the pay off/ result quiet quicky. It is also very international and transparent.

Do you get the chance to socialize with your team mates at work? Yes – during our breaks at work we organize kickers games within the team or playing against other teams. After work we go out for drinks or do some other socialize activities.

What is the Leadership Style at IQPC? Very transparent. Goals are clear and you wont find any hidden agenda.

Where do people usually eat lunch? We as a team bring usually our own food with us and sitting together outside on the river Spree.

Can you tell me about the training and development you’ve received at IQPC? At the moment I am in our internal management program which is called 2IC. Since I have started I got a lot of training on the job/onsite, mentoring and coaching

Are there opportunities for ongoing training through your career? Yes- I receive training from my Director, our Head of Marketing and Sales here in Berlin and also from our Global EQ Director who is located in Sydney.

How has your time with IQPC helped you grow and develop? I came out of my comfort zone and developed my person from a very shy person to get more self-confidence.

Working for a global business is there opportunity for travel? Yes – I was able to attend some automotive conference where I have sold tickets in Germany and US.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Being able speaking to a bunch of people and the daily challenges.

What metrics are used to measure your success in this role? Personal targets

What advise would you give someone looking to get into EQ? APPLY NOW!


Employee Spotlight Series: Meet Damian, Sponsorship Manager, Berlin


damianIn our latest Employee Spotlight Interview we talk with Damian, who joined us as a Graduate in Sydney and now works as a Sponsorship Manager in our Berlin Office. We think Damian’s has had a pretty interesting journey with IQPC so far and hopefully this is just the beginning.

When did your IQPC career begin?

I started my IQPC career in the Sydney office back in July 2014 as a graduate in the sponsorship sales department

How did you come to work for the business?

I learned about IQPC through a recruitment agency just after I finished my university degree.

What is your current role and responsibilities at IQPC?

Currently, I am responsible to drive sponsorship revenue for 10 events across Europe and the USA. In order to properly compete this task, it is essential for me to have an indepth understanding in the main challenges of my clients and how I can best help them engage with senior level decision makers to gain new business opportunities.

What do you think is unique about working at IQPC?

Working at IQPC is very commercial, meaning ‘you get what you give’. There are plenty of opportunities to prove yourself in this company and there is the management in each office that is there to make sure you exceed.

Are there opportunities for ongoing training through your career?

Each office has Sponsorship Directors whose only role is to make sure their sponsorship managers succeed. In the Berlin office, I have weekly training with my director in order to further my progression. In addition to this, our Global Sales Director who has 30+ years of experience in this industry and makes several visits to each office throughout the year in order to train reps.

Is there opportunity for employees to work in different offices?

Absolutely. I started in the IQPC Sydney office two years ago and have been working in the Berlin office for the past 6 months, with a plan to move to the IQPC Dubai or Singapore offices in the next 2 years.

What do you think this specific role offers a Graduate?

The sponsorship manager position is not for the faint hearted, however offers significant monetary reward if you have the right mind set. If I had to sum this role up, I would stay that this role gives you opportunities to work and learn from the best in this industry, unlimited travel opportunities based on success and the advancement of life skills needed in any c-level role.

What advice would you give to a new employee starting at IQPC?

It is important you hit the ground running in the first 3-6 months at IQPC and to know there is never a stupid question to ask. IQPC conferences cover several different topics and in order to be successful on each event, it is imperative that you have an in-depth understanding of how each industry works.


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Sydney’s cool treat for a hot day!


While it’s currently winter in many parts of the world, in Australia the sun continues to shine and temperatures hit 30 Celsius plus last week. So to help the team keep their ‘cool’ our IQPC Ambassadors arranged for an ice cream truck to make an unscheduled stop outside the Sydney office and distribute some free treats. It was a lovely opportunity to surprise the team and give everyone a little boost. And from the photos it certainly looks like everyone appreciated it.

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IQPC UK 2016 Awards Ceremony


Following on a long history of tradition, in London we like to start the New Year as we mean to go on…

A celebration of the truly special performances, team collaborations and outstanding results from the year just passed.

The awards season is full swing and this is the most prestigious awards ceremony of the year, not the Golden Globes, Oscars or the Brits – the annual company conference and awards ceremony for IQPC London.

On Friday 6th January at the Warldof Hotel in Covent Garden, IQPC London team members embraced glitz and glamour for an evening that would go down in history as one of our best!

Bigger and better than ever before our team were treated to drinks, dinner and dancing as we celebrate our hard work.

Congratulations to our award winners who fought off fierce competition to rise to the top,  further congratulations to all of our nominees – until next year!

IQPC Employee Spotlight: Meet Liz, Managing Director, IQPC Singapore


At the beginning of 2016 I was exciting to be part of the team that brought on board Elizabeth Ong as Managing Director of IQPC Singapore. Having a long history with the Singapore business myself I knew it was especially important that the leader of this business had a deep experience of both the conference industry and the Asian Market and Liz more than fits that bill.

Now almost 12 months later I caught up with Liz again to talk more about her first impressions of IQPC, her leadership style and the future plans and opportunities ahead  for her team and business. 

ES: When did your IQPC career begin? 

LO: I began my career with IQPC in Feb 2016.

ES: And what did you do prior to IQPC?

LO: I worked at IBC Asia, part of the Informa Group Plc for eight and a half years. I started with IBC Asia as a very green conference producer.  The conference industry was an industry I knew nothing about and happened to stumble on it through a recruiter.  I met with my hiring manager at the time and knew from the first interview that she was a manager I could get along and work well with, and secondly, that it was a role that greatly appealed to my interests for research and learning, networking with senior level executives and developing business and commercial acumen.  With a great manager/mentor, I quickly realized I wanted to develop into a divisional management role where I could build a portfolio of events.  I soon became a senior conference producer across conferences in Oil, Gas & Power, Healthcare, Finance, then a Team Leader- responsible for building up the Gas and LNG portfolio and leading a small team of conference producers, and eventually moved into a Divisional Manager role, in a completely new sector, to build the Life Sciences & Healthcare portfolio.

ES: What brought you into IQPC?

LO: It was a combination of people, a new opportunity and time for a change. I knew some people from the industry already that I had great relationships with and happened to work with IQPC, who gave me an honest view of what it was like to work in the company.  In addition, I met with some great people including Rick, our CEO that inspired me with his entrepreneurialism, risk taking and big ideas.  The new opportunity presented was the chance to step up and manage the Singapore office.  I was very lucky to have great managers/mentors, to work with great people, and to be given the chance to lead and build a division twice within IBC Asia previously, to experience different sectors and different challenges, and felt it was time to experience a change.

ES: You are originally from Australia but you’ve been in Asia a pretty long time, can you tell me a little more about what it’s like to work in this market?

LO: Asia is an exciting market.  There are so many different cultures, languages, policies, frameworks and hierarchies to run businesses in, which makes it a complex, but very interesting market.  I have learnt so much about different communication styles, management styles and strategies needed to produce regional events.  The depth of knowledge you gain from Asia’s markets is an invaluable experience and one I’d recommend to anyone.

ES: And what about living in Singapore? What do you enjoy about life in the Lion City?

LO: Singapore is a great city.  I planned to live in Singapore for a year when I first moved over, and now it’s been 9! I enjoy the fast paced environment, love the hot weather, love the different cultures and great food, bars and activities available.

ES: So what were your first impressions of IQPC?  What do you think of the culture here?

LO: My first impressions of IQPC was that it is a very entrepreneurial, sales oriented, performance and results driven culture.  It’s also a commercial and fun culture that works well in teams to collaborate, to deliver its services to customers and achieve great results.

ES: What opportunities do you think IQPC presents for its employees, be they new graduates or experienced professionals?

LO: IQPC offers great opportunities such as experiencing different roles within the local office; for example, we’ve had interns coming into customer service roles then move into marketing functions, or delegate sales managers moving into sponsorship sales roles and vice versa; to working in different offices globally; to working within global functions and sister companies like WBR or the SSON Network.

Within the team we’ve seen plenty of fresh grads moving up the hierarchy.  Josh, our MD for the FPSO & Defense Portfolio is a great example of someone that has transitioned over the last 5 years from coming into the business as a fresh conference producer.

Aside from the career development opportunities, IQPC offers allot of hands on training including exclusive time with Senior Global Leaders like Iain Alexander, our Global Head of Sponsorship Sales or Jason Romain, our Global Head of Marketing. There is a real focus on comprehensive training and development to skill up employees that I believe is a real competitive differentiator.

ES: And what characteristics do you look for in a member of your team?

LO: The right attitude is key.  I strongly believe that if you have the right attitude, a person can develop and work well in teams.  Knowledge can be taught.

Next is resilience. It’s important to remain upbeat, energetic and positive to work through each day’s challenges and to continually generate new ideas.

Third would be hard working.  I’ve always believed that to achieve something great requires hard work.

And finally, someone that is proactive. It’s important for team members to take action and risks. I’d rather a team member take a leap and fail than not try at all.

ES: And can you tell me a little more about your future plans for the business, what’s the focus for 2017?

LO: The focus for 2017 will be to build and grow our key LSE’s such as Customer Experience Management, Shared Services & Outsourcing and FPSO, plus to geo-clone key brands in regional markets.  Topic generation and a focus on portfolio development in profitable sectors will always be key for growth and sustainability in a business like ours.  With new market and economic conditions changing, new parties and policies coming in to play, fluctuating oil prices, local talent requirements etc. it’s important for businesses to remain agile and ready for change.  This is where continued topic generation, launching new ideas and risk management becomes ever more important for us to be a sustainable and profitable business. In addition to this the focus is always on customer needs and objectives. We are proud to put to market strong, leading edge events and repeat customers are critical to business growth so we simply can not afford to under-deliver.

ES: I know in the past the Singapore team has always been committed to giving back and helping the community. Last year they worked closely with the Assisi Hospice and with several Cambodian Children’s Charities. Why do you think these outreach programs are important and what’s in store for next year?

LO: It is easy to forget about the importance of community and the responsibility individuals have to be kind, mindful, respectful, polite, generous and giving. Participating in these outreach programs remind us of that.

We have a social committee that will be developing the next outreach program for 2017 so watch this space for more updates!

ES: Strengthening IQPC’s Local Employee Core is a big priority for all Singapore based businesses right now and IQPC is no exception. What programs have we got in place to support these goals?

LO: IQPC is proud to be an equal opportunity and we value all our employees regardless of where they are from. But we also recognize that identifying, developing and progressing local talent is key to ongoing stability in a local market. We actively participate in grad fairs, recently we were at SMU and we have another one at NUS coming up.  We were the only conference company represented at SMU and it is evident that not many grads know much about our industry.  It was great to be able to educate future workers about the industry and find out what the local talent are looking for in an employer.

A lot of the graduates we talked with mentioned they weren’t sure what they wanted to do and liked the idea of internships as a way to try before they buy. For us this is great feedback and we will continue to offer internships. Plus as I mentioned earlier these opportunities have resulted in permanent placements at IQPC for top performers that enjoyed their experience with the company.

And of course all the comprehensive training and development programs I mentioned earlier are available to all our local and foreign talent.

ES: What opportunities do you think IQPC offers to ambitious local based talent? 

LO: IQPC offers ambitious local based talent the chance to work in an international, multi-cultural company; to quickly develop business and commercial acumen and skills; to collaborate and problem solve; to learn and to be exposed to different sectors and industries across Asia’s markets. We think that’s a pretty unique and special opportunity.

ES: So finally what advise would you give to talent who are thinking about IQPC as a prospective employer? 

LO: If you’re looking to be a part of a team of great people, to learn and develop commercial business acumen quickly, to be rewarded based on results and performance, then IQPC is definitely the right company for you.

ES: Thanks Liz, great to catch up with you. 


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IQPC Employee Spotlight Series: Meet Anton, Sales Team Leader, Berlin


In our latest employee interview Anton shares his thoughts on learning opportunities, career development and the culture of Delegate Sales at IQPC Berlin.


When did your IQPC career begin? I started my career as Delegate Sales Manager in April 2012

How did you come to work for the business? I was looking for a technical sales job with an international environment.

What did you do before joining IQPC? Before I joined IQPC I was working as salesman in a car shop

What is your current role and responsibilities at IQPC? Currently I am working as a Team Leader in Delegate Sales. I manage all key accounts, do research and hunting new business for our Delegate Sales department. In addition to my sales responsibilities I manage a team of 5 people within the department. I am also responsible for the training and on-boarding of new starters.

How would you describe the culture at IQPC? The culture is American with German rules – very international

What characteristics would you say describe up your colleagues at IQPC? In general very fun, professional and competitive. In relation to sales I can say that most of our department are money driven.

Do you get the chance to socialize with your team mates at work? Yes – during work and in our breaks we are playing kicker. Outside of work we organize and go out for different activities like paintball, laser tag or cooking classes.

You’ve been at this company for while. What keeps you motivated? A high learning curve, the people working here and the various of projects I work with.

Are there opportunities for ongoing training through your career? Definitely yes. Since I have started at IQPC I joined our intern 2IC program and became a Team Leader. I joined German business classes and currently I am a member of our Global Talent Management program.

Have you had a strong mentor at IQPC? What have you learnt from them? Yes – my Delegate Sales Director. She teached me a lot of things like negotiation techniques, patience and management skills.

What lessons or skills have you learnt during your time here? Sales skills, cold calling sales skills, consultative sales skills, market research, how to operate a short sales cycle, selling intangible products

How has your career developed since you started with us?  I started as a Delegate Sales Manager in April 2012 and became a Senior position one year later and since 2015 I am a Team Leader in Delegate sales.

If you could do any job in IQPC what would it be and why?  I am a sales person – I can not live without sales. I do enjoy hunting.

What is the biggest challenge you and the team have faced in the past year? New business development and the own research with the new LinkedIn tool.

What metrics are used to measure your success in this role? sales numbers/ target

What advise would you give to someone looking to join IQPC? IQPC offers you a great sales school. If you work hard you will receive a great outcome.

Office Spotlight Series – IQPC Singapore, the Lion City


Though physically small, Singapore is an economic giant. It has been Southeast Asia’s most modern city for over a century and a central business hub for the region. The city blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions and is rich in its diversity.

Based on Robinson Road in the heart of the Central Business District IQPC Singapore emulates its home by being a small business with a big outlook. Our 60+ employees work hard to develop the best quality product possible, delivering over 50 executive level business to business events and servicing over 5,000 clients every year.

The events sit across a broad range of industries but the office is probably best known for it’s flagship FPSO World Congress Series plus it’s extensive Shared Services and Outsourcing Portfolio and flourishing Customer Experience Summit.

As for our people, well they are as diverse as the place they live in, with over 12 nationalities represented and 10+ languages spoken. This diversity allows the business to broaden its reach and engage with clients and prospects across the region and it also makes for a pretty interesting business culture.


But the one thing all our employees have in common is a commitment to our values and a belief that what we do makes a difference. A belief that our events allow professionals and businesses alike to learn, connect and grow.

IQPC Values
Driving continuous improvement
Putting customers first
Do the right thing
Working with the best
Loving what we do

To find out more, armed with just an iphone, we went behind the office walls to meet the team and chat about IQPC Life in the Lion City

Describe IQPC Culture in 3 words…

What does IQPC Singapore have to offer ambitious Graduates…


Fun Facts: here are a few things you may not know already about Singapore

  1. The most common surnames in Singapore are Tan, Lim and Lee
  2. There are 5 official Merlion Statues across the island
  3. The lowest temperature every recorded in Singapore was 19.4 Degree Celsius
  4. No building can be higher than 280 meters because no spot on the island is far enough away form Changi Airport to allow for a taller building
  5. Singapore is one of the Worlds 20th smallest countries, the main island is only 42km long and 23km wide

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