At IQPC we are passionate about driving business transformation. The shock waves caused by a single great event can change a person’s career, a business or an industry. Since we started in 1973 our industry has changed dramatically and every day our customers become more discerning. To add value a conference must go beyond great content; now interactive formats, structured bench-marking and the facilitation of ongoing digital communities all need to be added into the mix. When matched to clients needs our product can help develop partnerships, manage enterprise risk, interpret and explore disruptive technology, develop new strategies, advise purchasing decisions and so much more.


Leveraging a global research base of best practices, the IQPC Group produces an unrivaled portfolio of products, and services a wide variety of industries through our varied brands and portfolios, just some of which are highlighted below:


But we also recognized it’s not enough to just expand our locations and brand presence, we need to evolve the event formats too. IQPC offers a wide variety of revenue generating services, from traditional live conferences to digital media and analytics, with each Business Unit applying a different strategy and approach, aligned to their customers needs. This enables us to both diversify our customer value proposition and expand our employees’ career opportunities


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