Introducing our newest Sponsorship Marketing Manager to join the famed IQPC Million Dollar Club, Nuria! 

It’s always a big deal to join this exclusive club, but it’s an even bigger deal when you do it only 7 months…the fastest any Sponsorship Marketing Manager has done so since the group’s inception in 2014! 

Perhaps the best part about Nuria’s accomplishment is that, prior to joining IQPC, she had ZERO marketing experience! 

Her hunger, drive, and focus, combined with the support and intensive training she received from our Local Marketing Director and Global Marketing Head,  enabled her to achieve every one of her targets (and then some)! 

While her particular accomplishment is unique, her journey at IQPC is one that many people who have come and gone can relate to, and one that makes IQPC a unique, authentic place to work.  Congrats again to Nuria, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her! 

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