Going without food, drink, snacks and other habitual amenities from sunrise to sunset is observed by Muslims on a daily basis for the whole holy month of Ramadan.

Then as the sun goes down Iftar is served, a fast-breaking meal typically comprised of fruits, juice milk, dates and water.

Across the UAE providing free Iftar meals is a common and encouraged practice, it’s a chance to break fast with those less fortunate and support the community.

This year IQPC Dubai joined the effort, with a charity drive that distributed Iftar boxes, made up of home made biryani , fruits, juice and dates, for laborers. Catering to 214 laborers the drive was a huge success and would not have been possible without the generous support and contributions made by the entire team

A huge thank-you to all our volunteers who contributed both in the planning and delivery of the drive. And with friends and family also turning out to support our efforts, it became a wonderful IQPC community event.

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