Reading through job adverts, every sales opportunity you consider will suggest a high earning potential and the opportunity to progress.

So how can you be confident that you’ve found a business with the potential to exceed your ambitions and set you up for a lifetime of achievement?

At IQPC we recognise that setting our Sponsorship Sales Managers up for success is absolutely critical to the continued exponential growth of our business. We simply can’t afford to make the investment in our future sales talent anything other than our number one business priority.

As such, over the last 3 years our London business have developed the Sales Development Programme (SDP), the industry’s leading training and on-boarding programme to attract, develop and retain exceptionally talented sales professionals.


But what exactly does the Sales Development Programme offer?

  1. Significant investment in your personal development. There is a world of difference (and earning potential) between sales people and sales professionals. Get the investment you need to take your sales skill set and earning potential to be amongst the top 5% in the UK.
  2. Start taking home commission – fast! Since establishing the SDP we’ve halved the average time it takes to secure first deals and achieve quarterly bonuses.
  3. Confidence that endeavour is the only variable to your success. The training and development provided requires significant investment. Whilst this means that we are naturally very selective about those we hire, it also means that once you join our organisation you will be given every opportunity and support required to succeed.


SDP Testimonal

To learn more and decide if the SDP is the right move for your career download our full Prospectus now or get in touch with us at




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