Katie Judd

When did your IQPC career begin? 

 I joined IQPC nearly 11 years ago straight out of University.

What is your current role and responsibilities?  

I’m currently responsible for Sales Training & Development for the UK business. With the business continuing to grow substantially, my full time role is dedicated to the successful onboarding of our new Sponsorship Sales Managers. In addition to delivering our induction and 8 week training programme, I also provide ongoing training and support to our new starters (and existing Sponsorship Managers) to make sure they continue their successful start in the business.

What initially attracted you to join the conference industry?

I was really attracted to the opportunity to work across such a wide variety of industries and understand how some of the world’s largest organisations do business. I also absolutely love to travel and saw the opportunity to go to the events too.

And why IQPC?

I knew immediately that IQPC was for me. Right from the first interview I knew that this was a place that had an equal interest in my aspirations and how they could be achieved alongside the goals of the business. I had done my homework and knew that the business was expanding significantly and had great leadership, which still continues today.

What do you enjoy about IQPC life?

In short, the people! I’ve been fortunate to have made some great friends though IQPC. In my current role, I get the opportunity to work with people at a key stage in their careers and really make a difference to their experience with the business. IQPC has an excellent commission scheme which provides an opportunity to earn very well right from the start of your career. So there have also been some incredibly rewarding opportunities to help people make longstanding aspirations a reality.

How has your career developed since you started with us?

I started out in Delegate Sales, which was my first experience of selling. From there, I went into Delegate Sales Management and took on multiple teams. After 2 ½ years, I then moved into Sponsorship Sales. After going back into management and then getting increasingly involved in some of the Production/Marketing elements of our events, during some after hours training with the project team, the idea to support our growing Sponsorship team full time was born! I’ve been running our Sales Development Programme (SDP) now for the last 2 years – I’m delighted with the results we are getting and I’m absolutely loving it!

What lessons have you learnt during your time here?

I never stop being surprised by how much you can achieve with good people, great ideas and some grit and determination. Apart from the people, one of the other key reasons I have stayed with IQPC is that we have so much influence over our products. Unlike some other industries, where you might need to be an expert in writing code to keep your product competitive, our Sponsorship Managers always have their finger on the pulse of the market so we can adapt and evolve as necessary. As a result, I learnt early on to take responsibility and be supportive in influencing our events to make sure we are providing a market leading product (which in turn just makes our job that much easier!).

What do you think is the key to success in sponsorship sales/the SDP?

One of the key success factors it to know what you are passionate about and why you come to work everyday. We’ve developed a proven training programme and strategy that provides our sponsorship sales managers with the best possible opportunity to excel in the industry. The difference between those that do well and those that really go onto surpass all expectations are those with a clear understanding of what it is they are working towards and why.

What advice would you give a new starter in the business when they join your induction?

Its really important to remember that the theory makes up just 20% of what we do and is actually relatively straightforward. The real difference is made during the embedding and supported on the job experience. There will be points where you have to feel comfortable being uncomfortable!  It’s also really worthwhile investing the time to build great relationships with your fellow ‘inductees’. The additional support and enjoyment that comes from joining the business with likeminded people is one of the best parts of IQPC life.  Oh and definitely do the recommended reading!

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