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For the last 20 years SSON, a subsidiary of IQPC, has been a one-stop shop for shared services professionals, offering industry-leading events (over 50 a year), training, reports, surveys, interviews, white papers, videos, editorial, info-graphics, and more.

All that work has yielded huge amounts of data and so in May 2016 with the growing recognition that in today’s digital world data adds real commercial value, we launched The Dart Institute.

It’s purpose; to collect and analyze streams and streams of proprietary and public data and turn it into visual, digestible insights that help our customers understand the future of their industry and ultimately make better business decisions.

As well as offering this data to our subscribers via the Dart Institute website, we also incorporate the Visual Analytics Workbooks into the marketing campaigns of SSON events, in order to generate leads and increase event attendance. We then present the findings of Dart’s analytics at each event offering attendees insights into the shared services landscape in their region that they simply can’t get elsewhere.

To achieve this we’ve had to recruit a team of specialists with skills that sit outside of our core conference roles; research analysts, data scientists, solution architects and developers. And with the help of this elite team we’re developing something we’re really proud of, something that’s quiet unique. Essentially we’re finding a way to monetize our existing data while providing increased value for our current conference customers. It’s a true win-win and a great example of how IQPC is always searching to evolve and innovate.


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