A few people have posted on things they like about working here and I agree with all of what was said, however I felt like sharing some of the smaller, more intangible or incidental things that make me smile, day in day out.
Walking to work, crossing the river in the sunshine
Discovering people have said great things about our events
Spending time with people with incredible brains
Working together to solve a problem
Hitting targets and achieving objectives
Hearing funny stories from Friday nights
Learning and helping other people learn and develop
Sharing in other cultures just across the desk
Establishing partnerships with amazing people outside our business
The mixture of nervous anticipation and excitement in new challenges
Being made to laugh so hard I can’t breathe by my colleagues
Hiring brilliant people who take my breath away
Changing things and being changed by things
Achieving together what would have been impossible alone
Anyone want to add to my list?
Emma Cobbledick
Marketing Director, IQPC UK


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