Using new technology, learning, experimenting, innovating, creating, teamwork! That is what the IQPC Online division is all about. Working with a passionate team and entrepreneurial spirit, that is what I enjoy about my co-workers everyday. I get to learn some of the nuances about programming, graphic design, and search optimization. They get to learn more than they probably wanted to about marketing, social media, and the defense industry! But hey, we enjoy it, and we all come out more knowledgeable in the end! I think professionally though, one of the most rewarding aspects of IQPC Online is working in a global market. Seeing what works in one area of the world and what can be tweaked to be successful in another part is pretty exciting. There really are many opportunities to learn and succeed working for such a global company. Never mind you get some great insights from experienced marketing leaders and innovators. At the end of the day though, when all of the innovation, technology, and teamwork come together you and your team and go home with your heads high, knowing you’ve done a great job!

Andy Kaftan
IQPC Online Marketing Manager

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