I’ve been with IQPC for about 2 years now, and boy what a ride.  Initially I was brought in to launch online portals and communities within the vertical markets we serve our customers. Markets such as Call Center and Customer Management, Six Sigma and Process Excellence, and Defense.  In the last 2 years, we’ve launched 8 industry portals that are quickly becoming the go to resource in their space. We started with just 2 employees, and now have 22 in the IQPC Online Division. 

This demonstrates the commitment and leadership organizations like IQPC have to innovation.  One of the biggest missteps a company can make is to under fund and under staff mission critical projects.  Our new online properties have already reached over 2 million people since launching! This would not have been possible without the right team and leadership in place.  This is factor that is often overlooked: The importance of having the right team in place and support from leadership!

Over the course of my career, I’ve never seen a company act so nimble and recognize opportunity as IQPC has. I’ve been fortunate to participate in the transformation of a company to meet the needs of an ever changing and challenging marketplace.  At IQPC, all you need is an idea and some hard work, and the opportunities are endless.   

Marketing Director, IQPC Online
Blog: http://marketingiq.wordpress.com/

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