The bureau of labor statistics states that the median tenure for a private sector employee is 3.7 years. Now just add another 21.3 years onto that number and you have Anita, Global Finance Director, SSON.

This year celebrated Anita’s 25th year with the IQPC Group. Smart, forward thinking, ridiculously hard working and with incredible business acumen, Anita is one of our very best,. She’s also an incredible team player and an absolute bedrock of the company culture. So we could not let this special anniversary pass by without asking her to share a few words about her career journey and passion for the business.

What do you enjoy about working for IQPC/SSON?  

The people I work with, and lasting friendships made over the years. The events industry is an exciting industry. I love traveling to events and making connections. Being part of a team to make it successful. 

And what is most challenging? 

The challenge is making sure every number from every department is correct. Ultimately being accountable, I need to be able to get these details from other departments who may not understand the financial implications as much. This is even more key post pandemic. I thought 9/11 was a challenge but Covid definitely trumped that. 

Working for a global business is their opportunity for travel?  

Yes, frequently, and traveling to Events is exciting. I am hoping with the Global role to get the opportunity to visit other events worldwide in 2023  

Have you had a strong mentor at IQPC? What have you learnt from them?  

I have had many mentors over the years who have guided, butted heads and taught me many things. I respect them so much for the faith they have in me to do this role.

Starting with Bob Shannon, who I reported too when I started. I converted his payroll entry from the old green 14 column accounting ledger paper to Excel and till today still use the template. And his NO PAGA NO VA which streamed across his computer was ingrained in me giving me the aggressive AR collections mentality.  

Rick Worden, who is always respectful and always wants to know the results; he taught me to respect all. 

Mike Worden, who still teaches and challenges me. I taught Mike accounting when he did Kid Power and today I can go to him and bounce ideas. Guess I was a good teacher. 

Rob Shannon, who has always guided and given feedback on how to better myself. 

Kate Bentley who continues to guide me today and with whom I have a great synergy. We can always talk through things and bounce ideas #SSONSTRONG  

And I can’t forget Ed. From the hour long calls on Drucker to the Buell Marketing book – you can’t forget Ed’s examples and wisdom. He gives you a lot of great ideas to ponder on. 

Last but not least  my team, without whom I could not do it. They teach me every day how to handle issues. 

And last but not least, what made you choose this company and why do you stay? 

I moved here from Barbados, scared of a new place that was America. I interviewed with three people, Bob Shannon, who gave me the secret formula; Rick who talked about his visits to Barbados and said if I came from Big 6 he was good with my skills and Beth Faherty who was probably the toughest of the three.

I stayed because I truly love being here. I treat it as my business. SSON is my second family, in fact some people may say I treat it as my first! You have got to want to be part of it and be involved.  

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