An undeniable perk of working in our industry is the chance to travel and spend time onsite at events. Especially in today’s hybrid world of work, it’s a fantastic opportunity to dust off those networking skills, meet inspiring business leaders, learn new things and spend much needed facetime with colleagues. Working onsite can absolutely mean long days and sore feet, but without a doubt, it’s still the part of the job that all of our people value the most.

One of our Senior Leaders summed it up perfectly in a recent LinkedIn post when she said…

“The energy you feel when you find out about a new idea, perspective or have a conversation that isn’t “scheduled” or planned. Those are the moments I would have missed if I’d stayed home today – instead I get to be here talking to everyone in person! I often get asked what the best part about my job in the events industry is and it always comes back to the same thing: people & connection.”

Puja, Deputy Managing Director IQPC Australia

Oh and at the end of it all, we can never resist a great team photo

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