“Magic” Johnson recently gave a keynote speech at CCW Vegas, and many of our employees who were working onsite at the event had the opportunity to listen in and even to meet him personally.  

Meeting Magic

Entitled the “Magic of Winning”, his talk focused on the power of employee attitudes in delivering an incomparable customer experience. And the overall importance of confidence and of having a winning attitude.

Such a simple message, but to hear it from someone who is such a shining example of how attitude can deliver results, was hugely inspiring. Here at IQPC, one of the true privileges of our daily work life is the chance to come into contact with incredible leaders and meeting Magic was certainly a moment we won’t forget for a long time!

Magic at work

Also, looking at this from our perspective as an employer, it was a great reminder that our people are our customers, so we need to strive every day to deliver an “incomparable employment experience”.  Thanks for the words of wisdom, Magic! 

Our ‘Magical’ Team at Customer Contact Week

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