Working in HR no day is ever the same; however I really enjoy the variety and find that the HR team is key strategic partner to all of our Divisions. I love that we’re given the opportunity to impact results and be bottom line focused. Our strategic partners are motivated around common goals which have allowed me to create meaningful and lasting relationships, learn new things, and solve complex problems that can impact the lives of hundreds of people.

Leyla, HR & Payroll Supervisor, IQPC

In our latest Employee Spotlight interview, Leyla, winner of the 2018 Rookie of the Year Award talks about IQPC culture and why our business has become her home from home…

My role as a HR and Payroll Supervisor in IQPC London began one year ago. Having previously worked in similar roles within industries such as Charities, Retail and Recruitment, the Media and Events industry was something new to me but a change I know I will never regret.

Day one in any company can be very overwhelming for new starters, so something that stood out and stuck with me from day one is how friendly and welcoming everyone in IQPC is and this hasn’t changed since the day I joined. It is a highly collaborative environment and this allowed me to find my feet quickly, as it was easy to find out information and my colleagues welcomed the opportunity to help and support my integration.

While we can’t and shouldn’t shy away from the fact that we are a highly commercial, fast paced organisation, I believe this is not at the cost of our employees. IQPC understands that employees are the heart of the company and demonstrate this commitment through the many development and training programs offered plus the many social events run throughout the year.

The biggest and most anticipated event at IQPC London is the annual Top Performer Awards Ceremony. This is a black tie occasion where we come together to celebrate success and let our hair down after a year of hard work!

At my first Awards Ceremony, having only been in the company 6 months, I was really excited to be nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award (I had been told on many occasions that this was a highly coveted award). And I won, joining a long list of highly esteemed colleagues! I can’t explain how proud I felt and it’s such an amazing feeling to know how appreciated you are throughout the company, especially being in a Central function where you can be easily be overlooked.

Celebrating in style with the UK HR Team

I think what I like most about IQPC London is the culture. We have a professional, deliver first culture but also a very flat structure that encourages new ideas and embraces change. Every Managing Director sits on the floor with their teams and this is one of many catalysts for ensuring a very proactive, open style of management and communication.

Working here has really opened my eyes to how good a company can be, when it invests so much in its employees and as cheesy as it sounds I can definitely say I have found a home in IQPC.

I think that one of my favourite quotes probably sums is up better than I could…

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.”

Lawrence Bossidy

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