Litsaby Litsa, Division Director, Automotive IQ, Berlin

The most fascinating part of our work in the IQPC production department is being some of the first people to know when a new technology is about to hit the market. And fortunately for us, automotive is one of those industries that is rapidly reshaping itself. We feel that buzz and excitement and are always curious to learn more.

One of the core discussion points in every Automotive IQ conference is the impact of autonomous driving technology. Our job as conference producers is to understand those challenges and bring together relevant stakeholders that can help each other by creating stimulating discussions, vivid networking platforms and exciting content.

But while talking about this kind of technology is one thing, trying it is another.

So this week we took some time out from our busy daily schedule to visit InnoZ, the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change who are working towards the development, testing, and implementation of systemic mobility innovations – operating from Berlin, Germany.

We were lucky enough to take four rides on a predetermined route which simulated a last-mile solution to public transport, along with scheduled passenger stops, just like a regular bus.


So what did we learn?

Lesson #1: Autonomous cars are closer than you think!

Lesson #2: Test and practice as much as you can! This is not only true for cars but for your every day work too. Excellence can only come with practice.

Lesson #3: Take the time to ‘try’ something new. Even if you have spent hours reading about the subject, actually experiencing it will always give you a fresh perspective.

Car 3

So now we ask ourselves, did this experience convince us as consumers that the future is autonomous? This is what America, one of the team had to say…

I enjoyed learning how they are considering passenger safety and psychology in the development of autonomous vehicles. But I think Berlin already has fantastic public transport, so not sure I would use it. However, it could be great to use it in other cities.

America, Automotive Conference Producer

I’ll let you all know where our next trip takes us, it will surely be as exciting as this one!

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