This holiday season IQPC NY partnered with Project Renewal in Manhattan to provide coats and blankets to the homeless.

Project Renewal runs the New Providence Women’s Shelter. Established in 1998, this shelter helps 130 women who suffer from addiction and/or mental illness to address the issues that instigated their addiction and homelessness, while garnering the tools to live independently and successfully in the community.

Many people will stay warmer in NYC this winter because of our combined efforts in collecting winter clothing for the homeless of NYC. As a group we will be donating a total of 64 items:

  • 27—Sweaters
  • 14—Winter Jackets
  • 9—Scarves
  • 5—Gloves
  • 5—Sweatpants
  • 3—Hats
  • 1—Blanket

Project Renewal.jpg

Find our more about how you can support this worthy cause:


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