To let off a little steam IQPC visited Flip Out Dubai for an afternoon of ‘healthy’ competition and team building.

The whole company was split into 4 teams to compete in Archery Tag… just imagine dodge ball but with stereo foam headed arrows instead of balls!

All the teams had to face off against each other in a series of 15 minute matches. Competition was fierce with potentially more shouting than playing as no one wanted to leave the field of play, even after being shot!

But in the end, led by our heroic HR Director, one team proudly stood victorious, after not one, but two, crushing defeats over Sales.

Afterwards everyone ‘cooled of’ by bouncing on the nearby trampolines followed by Pizza and drinks.

Maybe not the best team ‘learning’ activity we’ve ever planned, but there was no doubt it was allot of fun and enjoyed by all.


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