IQPC London runs several successful intern programs, giving future graduates a great opportunity to trial various areas across the business, including sales, marketing, production and event management.

We interviewed Sam, one of our most recent interns to find out more about her experience at IQPC…

Samantha Brown

Before you started, what did you want to get out of the internship at Exchange?
I wanted to gain experience working in the events industry and understand how an event is designed and put on. Originally I thought working at the Exchange would be all about the logistics of the event – like the operations department, however I was pleasantly surprised when I started working in the production team. I was also excited to be working in London and experience office life!

What do you feel you have gained from your time with IQPC? 
I think I’ve gained a great understanding of the Global IP market! I’ve learnt how all parts of the business interlink and are so important into organising an exchange. I also feel like I’ve learnt how to communicate professionally – both written and verbally.

I have realized that there are a lot of specific tactics behind all calls and emails. For example how using hooks, mutual connections or specific wording can make a huge difference in the response rate. It has been great seeing the results of everyone’s effort and how it all comes together at the event on-site too.

I’ve learnt that office life can be enjoyable! I’ve done work experience in other companies and IQPC definitely has the best atmosphere.

What aspects of the internship did you enjoy the most and find the most useful, and why?
I enjoyed my time in the production department the most because it challenged me intellectually. I found a number of aspects of the business side of my degree being highly relevant. I also enjoyed researching into market trends and competitor events, as well as the challenge of coming up with content and ideas for the agenda.

Seeing the events on site was a highlight. Going to the EDT exchange in the first week, where I knew little about the lead up to the event and how the company actually runs, compared with going to the retail a few weeks later, where I understood how each department has helped make the event run smoothly.

I enjoyed the social aspect too! People are always willing to help out – from whatever department.

 What aspects of the internship would you improve if you were to do this internship again?
 I think it would be a good idea to structure the whole internship to a particular event. When I was working in marketing I was jumping between 3/4 events, so it was hard to get stuck in. I preferred working full time on Global IP. Even if the internship was in different departments, like mine, it would be good to be working on the same event in production; marketing and ops (although I guess that may not work timing wise!)

Other than that, I think the internship was extremely well structured and I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work in all departments.

If you were trying to explain the internship to another candidate who is looking to do an internship at IQPC Exchange, what would you say?The internship at IQPC Exchange is a great way too see how all different departments within a company work together to put on a senior level event. The internship was very well structured, and I felt like a lot of time and effort was put into my schedule both before and during my time there. Each day brings different tasks which keeps the work interesting and I think it is a great introduction to office life.

The people are really friendly so I never felt too shy or nervous to ask for help and advice. I’ve gained an insight to such a wide variety of exciting topics ranging from enterprise mobility to intellectual property to data in financial services.

I would definitely recommend the internship to others. With the variety of exchanges going on, It’s a fantastic way to find out what you’re really interested in!

Thanks Sam, we are delighted you enjoyed your time with us and hope to hear from you again after you graduate!

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