This month we catch up with Robert to talk about his life in sales and IQPC Berlin

When did your IQPC career begin? I joined IQPC in March 2014

Why did you join IQPC? I was looking for a sales job to start a career in sales.

What do you think is unique about working at IQPC? It is challenging on a daily basis. You put in hard work and see the pay off/ result quiet quicky. It is also very international and transparent.

Do you get the chance to socialize with your team mates at work? Yes – during our breaks at work we organize kickers games within the team or playing against other teams. After work we go out for drinks or do some other socialize activities.

What is the Leadership Style at IQPC? Very transparent. Goals are clear and you wont find any hidden agenda.

Where do people usually eat lunch? We as a team bring usually our own food with us and sitting together outside on the river Spree.

Can you tell me about the training and development you’ve received at IQPC? At the moment I am in our internal management program which is called 2IC. Since I have started I got a lot of training on the job/onsite, mentoring and coaching

Are there opportunities for ongoing training through your career? Yes- I receive training from my Director, our Head of Marketing and Sales here in Berlin and also from our Global EQ Director who is located in Sydney.

How has your time with IQPC helped you grow and develop? I came out of my comfort zone and developed my person from a very shy person to get more self-confidence.

Working for a global business is there opportunity for travel? Yes – I was able to attend some automotive conference where I have sold tickets in Germany and US.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Being able speaking to a bunch of people and the daily challenges.

What metrics are used to measure your success in this role? Personal targets

What advise would you give someone looking to get into EQ? APPLY NOW!


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