In our latest employee interview Anton shares his thoughts on learning opportunities, career development and the culture of Delegate Sales at IQPC Berlin.


When did your IQPC career begin? I started my career as Delegate Sales Manager in April 2012

How did you come to work for the business? I was looking for a technical sales job with an international environment.

What did you do before joining IQPC? Before I joined IQPC I was working as salesman in a car shop

What is your current role and responsibilities at IQPC? Currently I am working as a Team Leader in Delegate Sales. I manage all key accounts, do research and hunting new business for our Delegate Sales department. In addition to my sales responsibilities I manage a team of 5 people within the department. I am also responsible for the training and on-boarding of new starters.

How would you describe the culture at IQPC? The culture is American with German rules – very international

What characteristics would you say describe up your colleagues at IQPC? In general very fun, professional and competitive. In relation to sales I can say that most of our department are money driven.

Do you get the chance to socialize with your team mates at work? Yes – during work and in our breaks we are playing kicker. Outside of work we organize and go out for different activities like paintball, laser tag or cooking classes.

You’ve been at this company for while. What keeps you motivated? A high learning curve, the people working here and the various of projects I work with.

Are there opportunities for ongoing training through your career? Definitely yes. Since I have started at IQPC I joined our intern 2IC program and became a Team Leader. I joined German business classes and currently I am a member of our Global Talent Management program.

Have you had a strong mentor at IQPC? What have you learnt from them? Yes – my Delegate Sales Director. She teached me a lot of things like negotiation techniques, patience and management skills.

What lessons or skills have you learnt during your time here? Sales skills, cold calling sales skills, consultative sales skills, market research, how to operate a short sales cycle, selling intangible products

How has your career developed since you started with us?  I started as a Delegate Sales Manager in April 2012 and became a Senior position one year later and since 2015 I am a Team Leader in Delegate sales.

If you could do any job in IQPC what would it be and why?  I am a sales person – I can not live without sales. I do enjoy hunting.

What is the biggest challenge you and the team have faced in the past year? New business development and the own research with the new LinkedIn tool.

What metrics are used to measure your success in this role? sales numbers/ target

What advise would you give to someone looking to join IQPC? IQPC offers you a great sales school. If you work hard you will receive a great outcome.

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