Happy New Year! We’ve got big plans in 2015 and the growth of our sponsorship sales team is fundamental to driving our business forward. We are really excited about the opportunities within our London office, this truly is a great time to join us!

Some members of our sponsorship sales team progressed from delegate sales positions in the business, others joined us from competitor organisations or sales roles outside of the industry. In fact, some of our team have rejoined IQPC after doing different things. I interviewed some of our current sales team to find out more about what it was like to join the sponsorship sales team and what keeps them working here. Here’s what they said…

“Since being in the events/ conference industry for many years you get to hear who the key industry players are and who not to work for. I started off my career at another conference company which I believe gave me great grounding to be the sales person and manager that I am today. I joined IQPC in November 2013 and the minute I walked in the office I was greeted with great people, a great working environment but more importantly people seemed like they really enjoyed working here.The quality of the events is very high level, the whole process is very tight and they run very smoothly. More importantly clients who invest large sums of money are actually getting a ROI which makes my job a lot easier! I am really enjoying my time here, also It does help that I got my first deal within the first 4 days of being on the phone so I realised money can be made as a new person if you put the work in…” Ben Sponsorship Sales 

“When I left IQPC, I missed the people and the social aspects to the job, I decided to come back as I had a chance to do a role with more responsibility. I had a chance to work in two sectors with more account management and more opportunity to meet clients.” Andrew – Sponsorship Sales

“I left IQPC as I felt that I had gone as far as I could have gone in terms of my sales development, I wanted to add more strings to my bow in terms of working in different sectors and learning other approaches to sales. I really missed the feeling of being part of a family, being with a competitor made me realise that actually, IQPC does have quality sales people that are technically strong and intelligent. I missed being around those people because they made me better at my job. I also missed the regular training we were given, but above all, I missed the 40 minute door to door journey!” Maz – Sponsorship Sales

If you are interested in having a further conversation about the chance to join our sponsorship sales team, please send your CV to recruitment@iqpc.co.uk

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