How would you describe your team at IQPC?

My team are excellent at what they do; they are also very friendly and they are always trying to bring something new and fun to the daily routine. We work hard, but the atmosphere is relaxed, and everyone understands that work is so much easier if you’re enthusiastic about your responsibilities. 

How would you describe the culture in the office you work in?

From the perspective of a new starter, most people at IQPC go out of their way to make sure you feel welcome. The office environment is great; everyone gets on well and enjoys socialising together. There’s a noticeable team spirit, and teamwork-focused mentality, which makes coming to work every day that little bit more enjoyable. Frequent communication is encouraged and each team is generally very productive; there aren’t many formal boundaries, which makes everyone more comfortable.

What excites you most about the Exchange business?

The Exchange business model is quite a unique entity within IQPC because of the large-scale format of each event as well as the exclusivity of those who attend. IQPC Exchange is an ambitious and innovative group, meaning that the workload is extremely demanding, but the success is consequently even more rewarding. 

What was the biggest surprise when you joined IQPC?

The biggest surprise for me at IQPC was probably that I was actually offered the job on the spot in my interview. Following an initial telephone interview, a writing task, and my first face-to-face interview, I was invited in for a final round interview all in quick succession. I had been struggling with my job hunt for about two months, so I made sure I was the most prepared I’d ever been for an interview. However, I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much, because I was still unsure of what sort of competition I faced or how good my chances were. The final interview went really well, then after about ten minutes of comically suspicious stalling from the team, the person who would turn out to be my manager came back in the room to offer me the role there and then. It was pretty surprising, but I was absolutely delighted. Obviously I accepted without hesitation, and here I am today.

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