Anita Sundaram, Financial Controller at the IQPC New York Office, has been a loyal employee of the company for a long time – in fact, she has been in this office the longest of anyone!  We interviewed her to find out what it’s like to spend 14 years working at IQPC… Something we can all aspire to!

What was the IQPC New York office like when you started, 14 years ago, compared to today?

We had more locations – I was based out of the New Jersey Office in Little Falls.  Most of production was there as well, with a smaller presence in New York. Divisions were split between New York and New Jersey. We also had offices in Chicago, Boston and Connecticut at that time, and a small presence for some time in San Francisco. Personally I like it better now as all teams are more integrated together.

What positions have you held in your time here?

I started as an Account Manager reporting to Bob Shannon and then my role expanded when I moved to the New York Office when we moved to our Fifth Avenue location.

What do you like about working here?

I like my job and I think that is the key. I feel like I am part of the company and my thinking process is as such as well.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened in your time at IQPC New York?

I actually have two funny experiences:

First, my one year anniversary – The company sends you flowers. Mary Alice who was our HR and Payroll Manager used to send the flowers. They arrived in the New Jersey Office and Bob Shannon asked me who sent them…and I said, “The card says you did!”

For my ten year anniversary, Linn Refsnes – who replaced Mary Alice – told me Rob wanted to get gift cards for giveaways at our company meeting, and since the corporate card was in my name I had to go buy them. They were for me and I was surprised and embarrassed when Rob announced my ten years and gave them to me. I am known as the “HAWK” (thanks Mario M)… and this one slipped by me.

I heard rumors you get a watch or something at some point?  Is it true?

Yup – five years.

Any tips for others who would like to emulate your longevity here at the company?

Enjoy what you do. There will always be ups and downs – but how you handle it makes you a winner.

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