Let me introduce myself, I’m Robert Gibson, ‘Bob’ to everyone here though. I’m the Web Operations Director for IQPC Online and I’ve been with the business for three and a half years.

 On a daily basis I am responsible for overseeing the creative, web development and video production departments within IQPC Online’s IQs. I am consistently assuring the web operations of the department are in line with the goals of the individual global business portals…

I feel right at home here at IQPC as I’m working within an industry that I studied for – I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Multimedia/Web Development from The College of New Jersey, so I’m grateful that IQPC has given me the ability to expand my knowledge within the online space and reach a global audience.

During my time at IQPC, there have been many projects that have been successful in helping streamline the online business, but I would have to say that the IQ portal itself has to be a career highlight for me. Since 2008 the IQPC Online team has launched 12 IQ portals and managed to utilize the portal code base to begin developing online events in January of 2011.

I think if I wasn’t a “Web Operations Director,” I’d like to have been a well paid musician, AKA Rock Star. I am a singer/song writer in my spare time and I have been writing my own original music for the past 15 years, with some publicity in local newspapers and the occasional local radio play. If you are interested to hear my music, let me know!

My top three tips to being successful in your career would be:  Work harder than the most successful person you know, be willing to learn new things, & enjoy what you do…success will follow

Connect with me on LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=23303238&locale=en_US&trk=tab_pro

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