This month we had the opportunity to talk with Barry Edelman, who joined SSON, a division of IQPC, earlier this year. As Global Marketing Director, Barry shares insight into his plans for the team, his leadership style and his experience of the SSON culture.

  1. How long have you been with SSON, and what do you do here?  

I began my career at SSON on April 26, 2022. As the Global Marketing Director, I have three primary accountabilities: 1) driving the cross-portfolio brand strategy, 2) driving audiences to our in-person and digital products, and 3) generating inbound leads for our sales teams 

  1. Where do you see your department a year from now?  

That’s a timely question! We have recently begun to transition from a product-centric orientation to a topic-centric approach. Focusing on topics and the roles aligned to each subject will allow the marketing team to take a universal approach, designing more value-oriented, extensive customer journeys. In addition, this will enable us to leverage the breadth and depth of our subject matter expertise and product portfolio to serve the best solution at the most opportune time.  

  1. What is most important to you as a leader when managing people?  

I’ve adopted four principles from a former leader I had the pleasure to work with: 1) honesty is the best policy – everyone makes mistakes, don’t bury them, we will win as a team, and we will lose as a team, 2) treat people with respect and dignity and expect that they will treat others the same, 3) don’t bring problems to the table without ideas for solutions, 4) be accountable for your domain and swing for the fences.  

  1. What has your experience been with our company culture?  

The company culture at SSON has been outstanding. The team is passionate, strives for excellence, and is open to new ideas and initiatives. Along with a growth mindset, leadership is keenly aware that organizational culture is essential to our success and continues to prioritize this. 

  1. What is your favorite thing about working at SSON? 

I’m excited by the opportunity. We have a unique, high-value offering focused on our audience’s mission-critical priorities. We enable organizations to move faster and more confidently during stable periods and times of uncertainty. It’s a fantastic opportunity.  

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