On Saturday our Shared Services Data and Analytics team tackled the Spartan Race in Singapore! Our Spartan team included super analysts Syazana Lim and Esther Lam together with our marketing and business development team of Damian Pigot, Nevin Chahal and Jason Romain.

The team that trains together, suffers together!

According to the race organisers Spartans are gritty, resilient and passionate. They also overcome obstacles (and yes burpees!) just like our SSONA team!

In 38 degree heat the team completed the 5 km course while jumping, climbing, and scrambling over (and under) 20 obstacles. Our nervous but well trained team lead by team captain Damian started out strong, took some self inflicted penalties (an extra 30 burpees!) but held on to finish strong!

The obstacles included multiple wall jumps, crawling under barb wire, diving under a submerged wall, carrying a sandbag, carrying a bucket full of sand, throwing a spear, a horizontal wall climb, some monkey bars, an atlas rock carry, an inverted wall climb, a couple of cargo nets and eventually jumping over a fire pit (like it wasn’t hot enough!).

No SSONA Spartan was left behind, everyone successfully finished the course (covered in mud)!

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