At IQPC Berlin, once a quarter we take some time out to recognize the employees who best demonstrate our company values. The employees whose work ethics are an inspiration to us all.

Voted by the team itself, peers nominate each other for these awards and take the opportunity to thank their colleagues for the hard work they put in to make IQPC a better place to work.

Congratulations and thank-you to all our winners

This person is…..

“Always willing to help others”, “kicking arse in IT”, “and
always has a helping hand in all kind of areas”

Matthew – Winner of IQPC Berlin’s Q1 People Award

This person is….

“always striving for excellent results and keeps the ultimate quality of the product in mind first and foremost”, “always communicates directly rather than by e-mail”, “always shows an honest interest in other departments processes and challenges”

Moritz, Winner of IQPC Berlin’s Q1 Excellence Award

This person is……

“possibly the most enthusiastic person in our office”, “there is no other employee who encapsulates enthusiasm for their job and even others’ jobs quite like him”, “fantastic, with enough energy to share with all the office”

Pedro, Winner of IQPC Berlin’s Q1 Enthusiasm Award

This person is….

“bringing in brand new and great ideas”, ” taking responsibility for her area and improves it with structures, documents and templates that did not exist before”, “creating new innovative videos, info-graphs and interviews”

Laura – Winner of IQPC Berlin’s Q1 Innovation Award

This person is :

“transparent and open about her work and inspires others to work like that as well”, “very organized and brings passion to each of her events”,
“communicates with everyone, at all times and is a pleasure to work with”, “brings ideas to the table that benefit more people than just herself”

Tatiana, Winner of IQPC Berlin’s Q1 Communication Award

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