This month IQPC Dubai hosted their Annual International Food Festival with the additional theme of “Elements”. Each department was assigned an element and tasked with bringing food to match…

A few event highlights…

“spicy FIRE food was the perfect quantity and perfect spice”

“dressed in Blue representing WATER and kudos for all the hard work of making everything from the scratch – homemade food! This definitely stood out in terms of teamwork”


“dressed in metallic colors, the METAL team catered to vegetarians, meat eaters and vegans… a most unique blend of junk food combo”

“dressed in fantastic Indian outfit, the WOOD team had the highest number of varieties & great creative decoration that really made them stand out”


“dressed all in white representing clean & pure AIR, with creative dish names and the best counter decor”

Thanks to all our chefs, a great time was had by all…

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