Christmas may long be over but the memories of fun times linger at IQPC Dubai!

Just before the holiday break IQPC Dubai hosted their annual Christmas Party at Noir Bar, Kempinski Hotel. with a theme of “Dressed to Impress – With a Festive Twist”.

IQPC’ers took the morning off to get ready and then arrived dressed in their finest attire incorporating an element of festive cheer. Some opted for Christmas colors, from red, to gold, silver and green. Others chose to accessorize with tinsel, angel wings and reindeer noses! A handful of stylish people opted for a safe but non-the-less impressive suit!

The day was a great opportunity to relax, reflect on our achievements and celebrate success with our Employee Awards. Many people were recognized that day but a big shout has to go out to our Dubai Employee of the year Anush Shetty.


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