International Food Day is a yearly recurring event at IQPC Middle East. Each year before the start of the month of Ramadan IQPC comes together to celebrate the diversity of our team.

Every employee brings a dish and is placed into teams by their food group and ethnic affiliation. From the Managing Director to our newest intern, we all come together to share food and showcase our heritage. We are justifiably proud of the diversity of our employees at IQPC and have no doubt that the depth and breadth of cultures represented makes us a stronger business and a stronger team.

Food Day is also a great opportunity for new joiners to mingle with those who have a longer tenure in the office and the food is always followed by office wide games.

This year we competed in ‘Blind Chef’, ‘Pretzel Fishing’, ‘Doughnut Bopping’ and a good old fashioned ‘Egg Race’. You may have noticed that all the games relate to food and they all require team collaboration.

And the 2017 winners were….

1st Place – India

2nd Place – MEA

3rd Place – Europe

4th Place – The Philippines

Congratulations to all our Winners and thanks to everyone for making this such a fun day!


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