benny-profile-berlinIn the latest Employee Spotlight Interview from Berlin we talk to Benny about the characteristics that epitomize the IQPC team, available learning opportunities and why he enjoys his role in sales

When did your IQPC career begin? 29th of September 2014

How did you come to work for the business? I did an internship in marketing & sales in an e-commerce company. I decided that sales will be the right way to start my career. After 2 years in sales in e-commerce business, I came along the job advert from IQPC which sounded very interesting. I had never worked in the conference business before and now I’ve been here more than 2 years.

What is your current role and responsibilities at IQPC? I am a  Senior Delegate Sales Manager and I am responsible for planning conference campaigns which includes market segmentation, market research, cold calling & negotiation with delegates. Currently I also work as a mentor for new starters in the German portfolio.

What characteristics would you say describe up your colleagues at IQPC? In general goal orientated, ambitious, organized and team orientated. In sales definitely target driven.

Do you get the chance to socialize with your team mates at work? YES! We are sitting together for lunch, we have after work drinks every Friday and every 3 month we have a team event.

Why did you decide to work at this company? IQPC is a global player in conference business, they have more than 40 years experience and they work globally. For me also interesting was to learn more about different industry field and develop new markets.

Are there opportunities for ongoing training through your career? There are a lot of training on the job. We have every week a team training, we can have external training if we want and I also joined the IQPC 2IC program this year.

What lessons or skills have you learnt during your time here? Campaign planning, high level communication, time management, team work and mentoring skills.

How has your time with IQPC helped you grow and develop? I have received a lot of training in sales and currently training to become a leader someday. I also participate from the experience of my colleagues which is the most important influence you will get.

If you could do any job in IQPC what would it be? Director Delegate Sales or Director Sponsorship Sales.

What do you enjoy most about your role? Every day is different. I am more than happy to talk to delegate and try to convince them to buy a ticket for our conferences to see what big value they will get when they are joining a conference. I also enjoy to mentor new starters and the creativity you have here.

What are some of the challenges or roadblocks you come up against in this role? We need to work on our German portfolio to build more German language events

What metrics are used to measure your success in this role? We work with KPIs which are measured e.g. call time, dials and the number of proposals you have to send out. We also have a revenue target to reach by end of the month. Then we also have regular appraisals which focuses on our skill development

What advice would you give to a new employee starting at IQPC? Be open-minded to new things, use the experience to learn new sales skills and take the opportunity to orientate from employees with more experience in the business.

What would you change about the business if you could? I’d love to see the planning of more German Campaigns for my team to sell!



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