In November we support Veterans Day and take time to thank the US military veterans who served our country. The New York office is proud to have several veterans who have successfully transitioned from military to civilian life working on our IDGA portfolio of events. In honor of Veterans Day we would like to share the story of one of these employees.

brian-profile-1Brian is the Head of Military Liaison for the Institute of Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) at IQPC New York. In his spotlight interview Brian talks to us about the transition to civilian life and his new career with IQPC.

Good morning Brian and thanks for taking the time out to chat with us today. Can we start by asking how did you come to work for the business?

When I was transitioning out of the military I met Mario Matulich, the Divisional Director of the IGDA event portfolio at a military career fair.

You were in the military before joining IQPC; tell me about your role in the military.

I was a US Army Human Resource Officer, and was on active duty for five years. I’m still inactive ready reserve. My career in the Army culminated with my deployment to Afghanistan where I train Afghani military personnel.

You joined IQPC as a Conference Director for the IGDA portfolio, and you recently transitioned into a new role. Can you tell me about that?

I recently became the Head of Military Liaison for IDGA. I am responsible for reaching out to the military community to establish relationships so we can learn how our events can bring the most value to the military community.

What do you think is unique about working at IQPC?

I get to stay engaged with the military community, and I get to meet the most senior military officials in the US.

What about your colleagues? What are some of the common characteristics shared by IQPC employees?

They are determined, results oriented, driven and flexible. You have to be, because things can change rapidly in the events business.

What do you enjoy most about the roles you’ve held at IQPC?

I love that I have an opportunity to take a concept and work it into a tangible conference that provides value to the military community.

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

The community I work with moves at a very fast pace, so getting members of the community to take the time speak with us is a challenge.

How does your role contribute to larger company goals?

I help build bridges so we can foster relationships with a very particular community so that we have the support needed to produce successful conferences.

Since you recently transitioned into a new role, what do you want to do next in the business?

I’d like to build an advisory board made up of military and former military leaders. I also plan to devote more time and attention to grow our large events so we can reach and engage a larger segment of the military community.

How has you time with IQPC helped you to grow and develop?

In my past two years with the business I’ve developed an in-depth awareness the commercial aspects of producing conferences, and a business sense I didn’t have leaving the military. Joining IQPC made the transition from military to civilian life very easy.

IQPC gives employees the opportunity to participate in community service and charity work. You recently coordinated an event for employees to help veterans. Can you tell me about that?

In honor of Veterans Day we delivered care packages to veterans at the local VA hospital in Manhattan. The items we donated by IQPC employees and local business, and our employees took time from their busy day to deliver the care packages.

We were able to collect enough donations for care packages for 50 veterans, and our volunteers delivered them to the mental health and substance abuse unit of the VA. Many of these veterans tend to be forgotten so it meant so much for them to have visitors and be thanked for the sacrifices they made for our nation.

I hope that this can become an ongoing project, and IQPC employees can develop longer term relationships with the veterans.


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