For many people creating compelling copy is hard work.  But being able to sell yourself, your product or service in writing; well it’s nothing short of business critical.

At IQPC we invest allot of time training and coaching our employees on writing skills and regardless of whether you are creating innovative content, designing a website, or simply communicating by email, many of the same top tips apply.

So here’s my checklist of 16 things that I believe all copy should adhere to. I hope it helps!

  1. Get personal – writing should always feel personal, write to a individual, a human being
  2. Product and purpose – clearly articulate what your offering is and what you want the reader to do
  3. Gain attention – start with a strong hook to draw your prospect in; a fact, an offer, a story etc.
  4. Build interest – differentiate your message. Remember people are bombarded with so much information; what makes you stand out?
  5. Create desire – use benefits not features, and where possible quantify them with stats and facts
  6. Have a clear USP (unique selling point) that literally jumps off the page
  7. Prove credibility – never underestimate the power of referrals and testimonials
  8. Make a call for action – close strong, drive urgency, tell your reader what to do next and why they need to do it NOW!
  9. Overcome objections – don’t be a coward, understand your reader’s likely objections and tackle them head on
  10. Think about headlines – use them to break up copy, link together highlights and draw the reader in
  11. Vary sentence structure – use short and long. But never more than 32 words
  12. Make each paragraph one thought and one thought only
  13. Link each section, ensure smooth transitions that carry the reader through
  14. Stick to plain English – simple is best, unless you need to get technical
  15. No padding – every word must add value
  16. No room for error – spelling always matters

Esther Head Shot B&WEsther, Global Head of HR, IQPC Worldwide

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