imadIn our September Spotlight Interview we talked to Imad Abbas and asked him to share a little about how he joined IQPC Dubai and why he’s stayed for the last 4+ years

When did your IQPC career begin? I started with IQPC as an ESLR rep in 2009 and within a year I moved to the Operations team.

What is your current role and responsibilities? I’m a Senior Event Operations Manager in charge of running and handling the events logistics and operations activities from venue booking, flights and accommodation arrangements, branding and AV preparation, as well as arranging all admin and collaterals for the event.

What initially attracted you to join the conference industry? Earlier in my life I did some part time work as a hostess and promoter and being exposed to the events and the conference industry made it quite interesting for me to join an international company within this field.

And why IQPC? I moved to UAE in 2007, started my BBA in 2008 and IQPC was my first full time job in UAE.  As soon as I joined, given the environment and the people in the company, I knew that I could stay here for a long time.

What did you do before joining IQPC? In the UAE before IQPC I only did part time work but while in Iraq I worked as a sales person at a Gift Gallery and before that as a Sales Executive for Banana Republic and GAP in Syria.

What do you enjoy about IQPC life? Having cooperative colleagues, supportive management and the diverse culture.

What do you think is unique about working at IQPC? It’s the friendly environment, the diverse culture and transparency between management and the executives

What lessons have you learnt during your time here? Well, to be honest many lessons! I learned time management, effective communication, collaboration, working under pressure, overcoming challenges and how to tackle unexpected issues in professional manner plus many more.

How has your career developed since you started with us? I started with ESLR rep, then in 6 months I was a team leader before transferring internally to Operations. The Marketing Director who was my boss at that time was very supportive of my career development and internal move. Then, after being in the operations team for about 4 years I was promoted to a Senior Operation Manager.

What’s next? Who knows what the next year will hold for me and for the business? Well, we all aim to improve and develop our selves year after year and with this industry no matter how many events you run, or how many years you’ve worked here there will always be something new to learn and another skill to develop.

What advice would you give to a new employee? I would say this to any new employee everywhere actually, be yourself, your good work will be appreciated sooner or later; give as much as you can and you will excel.

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