IQPC has hired a number of graduates over the summer and we’ve definitely learnt a few things about what graduates are looking for (training, progression, a great pay structure) and increasingly – a sociable work environment!

And it’s not just the graduates that want to work in a place with a social aspect, this week you will spend more time at work than anywhere else, joining a company with like minded people is a no brainer. We know that working with people that you can socialise with after work is a big part of what makes any job enjoyable, it’s the reason we started SOCIAL IQ – our party planning committee.

Some teams have their own weekly get together like running club, but Social IQ is a group of fun making experts who arrange social events for IQPC staff. Whether its charity days, themed drinks or a company quiz night – they have it covered.  (Plus we have our infamous summer and Christmas company parties every year too).

We’re really proud of the culture at IQPC; we often hear that people make friends for life working in this business. If you are looking for a social company to join – look no further.

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