When candidates put themselves on to the job market, the driving force behind their job hunt is inevitably varied; we’re all motivated by different things. However, there’s one requirement for the future that comes up again and again in these conversations – training.

Regardless of how senior the individual is, the desire to join a business that offers training seems to be a common theme. Of course it’s on every job description out there, every business claims to be offering it, but how many businesses actually do? We are incredibly proud of the training that we offer across our business globally, we believe it really sets us apart from the other organisations in the industry; in fact we often get feedback indicating exactly that!

The induction training in sponsorship so far has confirmed what I already knew really (having experienced what other companies in the same space has to offer) – IQPC training is industry leading” – Alex

Any new starter coming in to a sponsorship position in our company can expect to undertake a very detailed 3 month training induction. We cover the A-Z of solution selling and best practice, giving every sales person that joins this business the same platform to accelerate their career from. This is a set schedule of training sessions that really works, conducted by every senior manager in our business. (It’s a great way to meet our senior management team, 99% of whom have progressed in to their current position.) There really is no stone unturned and even season sales veterans have come away with another string to their bow.

“It was very useful for me to find out more about IQPC – history, departments, successful projects. But the most important thing is that I saw how people are excited about what they are doing at IQPC and their contribution is highly appreciated within the company.” – Geniya

Of course the training doesn’t stop there. Regardless of how long you have been employed in our business, training will feature in your week, every week. This could be collaboration with other sales people in the business, 121 training with your manager or external training on current challenges. This environment is one of constant development, we persistently look at ways to be better, and we aren’t afraid to try new things. We actively look to recruit people who want to better themselves, so if you had ‘training’ on your criteria list, I can confidently say we’ll tick that box.




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