Chris, a recently promoted Divisional Sales Director in our New York office describes his experience with IQPC so far…

Before my career with IQPC, I was a practicing attorney working 12-14 hour days and 70 hour weeks. Basically, I had no real “life”. Being adventurous and not one that’s easily satisfied, I had my sights set on much bigger things, or better said, much bigger places. That led me to New York with one thing in mind… “Make it there, and you can make it anywhere”. I started working in the legal industry but I decided I needed a major career change, one where I could utilize my skill set and experiences and have the opportunity to live the life I always imagined.

A friend referred me to IQPC so I decided to come in for an interview. What sold me on the organization was twofold. First, IQPC is the established market leader in business to business conferences as well as market research. Second, I had never seen a place that was 100% transparent and merit based. I was told on day 1 that everything here is earned and the sky is the limit. They were going to give me the resources, tools and training to become successful and the rest was up to me.

If you are the type of person who truly wants success, who takes accountability and ownership, and doesn’t settle for mediocrity, this is exactly the place for you. Everything that they said is true. The hard work and effort has paid off, and what they promised actually happened – much faster than I could have ever imagined. The leadership has an open door policy, there are consistent ongoing training and throughout my career here they have done nothing but deliver. I’ve made more friends and mentors than imaginable and I’ve gone from an Associate, to Manager, to Director – and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of my career here at IQPC.

Interested in joining Chris in our New York office? Visit our Current Vacancies page to apply.

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