IQPC recently chatted with a new joiner to our delegate sales team in our IQPC Berlin office in Germany. Already a top performers in the team he has learned a lot in his first few months with the company, including how important it is to listen to our clients and potential clients. Here, he shares his insights into the sales role at IQPC and also what he has learned along the way.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I am work in the Delegate Sales department and the best part of my job is to make people talk and to be able to connect and build rapport with people. Even though sometimes you know that each and every good conversation cannot turn into deal, I am still satisfied by a good conversation that I can learn from and I am content with the work that I am doing.  It’s really difficult to engage people in a phone call and its much more difficult when you are calling in reference to a conference. However, this process helps me to understand the challenges the industry itself is facing and will be helpful in my future conversations. I enjoy the fact that I am learning about an industry constantly.

What’s challenging about it?

Today IQPC is very well established and we are known to most of the industries worldwide. The challenging and most important aspect of every project is to understand the market and to whom the conference should be interesting to.

 What skills have you learned since you joined IQPC in this role?

Delegate Sales is not new to me and when i joined IQPC Berlin i thought my work will be really easy. But the market here in Germany and most of the Western European market is totally different to what I was used to and exposed to before. There were few areas where i had to brush up myself and this was satisfying in itself. I understood that its really important for us to listen to our clients more. Building the value of our conferences is something I really enjoy.

 What lessons have you learned?

Being an engineering graduate I never knew anything about the sales field. May be this was the best thing to happen to me and i was not complacent.

Commitment is critical. I think its also important to embrace a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude and thrive to reach the goals set to me. These are the three main things which are really important to succeed in any work and mainly in the sales field. During my short stay in IQPC Berlin i am following it and right now i can proudly say that I’m one of the Top Performer.

What tips would you share with anyone else looking at a career in this role?

Never think that this is something like a call center job which most of them do think. Frankly speaking if it was a call center job being an engineering graduate i wouldn’t have even joined. This job is something which gives you total satisfaction once you reach your goal and this is a company which will really appreciate your hard work very quickly. In IQPC If performance is consistent then growth is mandatory.


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