IQPC’s NYC marketers spent the last two days immersed in an SEO training session with “Mike the Internet Guy” from SEOverflow.  We all had a million questions for Mike, such as “just what IS Google’s top-secret algorithm?”  While he couldn’t answer this exactly (I guess no one can for sure!) he certainly gave us some amazing insight into the world of Search Engine Optimization.  We learned link-building techniques, how to choose the right keywords and how to write SEO friendly web copy, among other things.   Everyone left the training excited to test out some new tools and further explore SEO as well as other online marketing techniques.  For me, it really solidified the need to not only perfectly plan and execute your conference, but to also put that same time and effort into your website!  

In the coming weeks, you will hear from several other IQPC team members from around the globe.  Thanks for being patient while we get this blog going, and please check back often to learn more about our company!

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