Meet Sascha, Sponsorship Director DACH, IQPC Berlin

When did your IQPC career begin? 1.12.2012

What is your current role and responsibilities? I’m in charge of some of the biggest events for IQPC Germany. Events like Shared Services, PEX, Robotics. Plus I mentor the new starters for example doping role plays or training with the rookies to practice there skills.

What initially attracted you to join the conference industry? It was more than less a lucky punch.

And why IQPC? Noel, who was at that time Regional Managing Director of Germany & Australia. He contacted me via LinkedIn and after some really good conversations with him, I decided to move to IQPC.

What did you do before joining IQPC? I worked for more then 4 years for Marcus Evans and around 2 years at Econique. All time in the sponsorship department.

What do you think is unique about working at IQPC? The team spirit in IQPC is one of the biggest reasons why people stay here. People are very helpful and will give you the support when you need it. Plus you can learn so much about so many industries.

What do you enjoy about IQPC life?  You get supported right from the beginning but on the other hand they ask for your 100% effort. So you are developing your personal and sales skills all the time. It´s really “team driven”. Everybody is happy for you if you get a deal and nobody seems to be jealous you work hand in hand and support your colleagues.

What lessons have you learnt during your time here? How important it is to have a structure and to be well organized. Especially when balancing multiple events plus mentoring other people at the same time. You have to be strict with your time, ensuring there is enough time for your own work on one hand and on the other, making time to help your trainees and colleagues. If you are not able to organize and structure your day, you won’t achieve your goals and make the money you could!

How has your career developed since you started with us? I started as a Sponsorship Sales Manager and after 6 month I became a Senior. After 2 years at IQPC I’ve gained a lot of experience and now I am mentoring the new starters.

What’s next? What do you think the next year will hold for you and for the business? Become a Team Leader in Sponsorship Sales

What advise would you give to a new employee? Believe in yourself, you were hired for a reason. Trust in your mentor because they also believe in you. You can deliver!