Katie JuddIQPC London runs a fast track training scheme to get aspiring graduates with no sales experience in to a sponsorship sales manager position – in just 3 months! On the day of her 10th anniversary working with IQPC it seems only fitting that we speak to Katie, the head of our Sales Development Programme to find out what lies ahead…

As head of Sales Development Programme what does your role involve?

“My role encompasses supporting our recruitment team in finding the best talent to join the programme, working daily side by side with our current undergraduate SDP executives and supporting our graduates in ensuring their continued professional development and successful future within the business. Day to day I’ll be found running training workshops, one to one coaching, co-pitching opportunities and providing ongoing support wherever and whenever it is needed to our SDP Executives.”

Why is the Sales Development Programme different?

“We recognise that investing significantly in the training and development of talented Graduates with raw potential right at the start of their careers produces unprecedented results for all involved. I’m writing this on my 10th anniversary in the business having joined as a graduate and can safely say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

What’s been your proudest moment/biggest achievement running the scheme?

It’s incredibly rewarding working with exceptionally talented people right at the start of their careers and seeing them get the results (and commission!) they deserve. Graduates of the SDP have gone on to break records set by our seasoned veteran Sponsorship Sales Managers, including the best revenue in their first quarter in the business and recently the largest single new business deal on record.”

The Sales Development Programme kicks off again in a few weeks, what are you most excited about?

Q4 is a notoriously busy period in our industry. Our clients are fully in the swing of budgeting for 2016 and this represents a fantastic time for new candidates to join the business and quickly get results. With many successful SDP Graduates from 2015 making a real impact in our business, it will be great to see them share their experiences and support  our next SDP candidates make a fast start to their careers.”