Bruna V1

What do you do at IQPC Exchange?

 As Marketing Manager at IQPC Exchange, I have the responsibility of creating and executing the marketing plans for several of our events in the HR, Marketing, Finance and Legal space.

What is a normal day like for you?

Working with event marketing means we start marketing on an event months before they take place. One of the best parts of my job is that since I work on such a wide range of events, they are all on different marketing phases so my day is never a routine. Every day I work on different marketing tactics both online and direct. Some of the activities include the formulation of all communication strategies, both online and print, creation of websites, I forge partnerships with associations and publications, work closely with the Sales team both on the Sponsorship side and the Delegate Acquisition side to achieve sales goals, manage leads through our CRM system and the entire marketing budget for my events. I’m always in search of innovative ways to market our events and always meet our objectives.

What do you like most about IQPC Exchange?

IQPC Exchange is a company whose sole product is sharing knowledge by creating leading-edge content and developing business opportunities for our customers.  I love being a part of that! The company really challenges its employees to strive for creativity and do our best every day.

If you could switch jobs with anyone in the company, whose job would you want?

I’m always looking to be challenged. Therefore I would like to switch jobs with someone that I admire very much at my workplace- my Marketing Director, who oversees all the events marketing strategies and execution.

What was your reaction when you first found out you won the employee of the quarter award?

I was very surprised at first but so happy with the reward. It felt REALLY good to be rewarded for all my hard work.

How has IQPC Exchange helped you in your career development?

IQPC Exchange gave me the opportunity to do what I love – Marketing.  And throughout the years I have learned so much from every single department and feel that I’m constantly growing professionally.