IQPC Exchange is proud to introduce our new Managing Director for our Latin American Division, Erica Castelo.

erica-headshotErica has worked for IQPC Exchange since 2008, starting at the company’s Brazil office. She began with IQPC Exchange as a Conference Producer, and was promoted time and time again within the company from there. We had the opportunity to sit down with Erica, and hear more about her experience at IQPC, her vision for the Miami office, and the exciting expansion into Latin America.

 “I started as a Conference Producer in 2008 with IQPC. I was initially drawn to the company because I knew they had growth potential, promoted from within, but also that they had an international atmosphere. For me, the international perspective in business made me curious.  I found myself attracted to this business, the opportunities to learn, and the wonderful purpose of the company itself. That’s what I always wanted; to be a part of a business with a purpose.”

Erica is reporting to Rob Shannon, Managing Director IQPC- Americas, and began her career with IQPC with Rob as her supervisor. She continued,

“My managers and Rob (Shannon) always gave me feedback on my performance from the very beginning. They let me know what could happen in terms of growth, and what the potential was for me. I have worked as both a Conference Producer and in the Marketing department for IQPC Exchange, and found I could develop my skills quickly. It was great; I was able to learn how company works from multiple positions and departments. I figured out that what I loved and where I wanted to grow was in production. It’s what I was better at and I had the opportunity to be a leader. After a lot of hard work, I became the Head of the Production department. From then I became Managing Director, which gave me a more global overview of the business.”

Erica went on to talk about work ethic and commitment to IQPC, stating it was a two-way street for her to have the opportunity for advancement. That both she and the company needed to work hard  and collaborate together; having a clear vision for their futures.

“From a professional stand point I can tell you that I worked very hard, and think I did a great job. With every project or task I was given, I would commit to it 100%.  From the get-go, people notice if you’re on time, if you do your best, keep to an agenda, and the product of all these attributes combined.   When IQPC tells you there is quick growth and opportunity within the company, they mean it!  The company gave me all opportunities to stand out if I wanted to. Something that has always stuck with me, Rob told me when I was in production “the sky is the limit for you in this company” and he was right. I believed him, and with his help, I could reach higher and higher. IQPC is great at identifying talent.  IQPC truly believes in their employees, and in return employees believe in themselves.”

Now as Managing Director – LatAm, Erica has big plans for this new division of IQPC Exchange; located in Miami, Florida.

“Our Miami office has so much potential! I have a strategy in mind for everything I want to accomplish, and how we’ll get there. We’re going to start by simply targeting one region at a time, launching high quality exchanges, and set up our space in the Latin American market.  By starting with one region for the first year or so, we’ll be better able to pinpoint and find new opportunities in different countries.”

Along with having a short term plan for the new Miami office, Erica also is looking into the future. In just a year’s time the goal is to branch out into even more countries, expanding both IQPC’S business opportunities and relationships.

“We’ll start with broader exchanges, and grow into more specific, industry-related topics as well.  At that point, we’ll expand the business by exploring more industries and product formats, and become a company reference for Latin America networking and knowledge exchange meetings. The Latin American culture changes a lot and our experience from the Brazil office will help us ramp up quickly since we’re already familiar with that region.”

With a new office set up, and a plan of action, Erica and the IQPC Exchange team have already been making great strides in recruiting top talent for IQPC Exchange. Currently the LatAm division is recruiting Conference Producers and International Sales Executives for the Miami office.

“I’m so happy to be launching this new Latin American division of our offices. I am confident this new Latin American branch will work well, and I’ve been given all the tools I need to make sure that it’s successful. We’ve already interviewed amazing talent in Miami and I’m looking at Miami as a kind of start-up within with IQPC Exchange group. That makes me even more excited; this will be a great opportunity for anyone joining our team!”

To find out more about opportunities to join Erica and our exciting new Miami team email:

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