Christie Hattersley Following on from our popular blog post last week, this week’s blog sees Christie Hattersley, Divisional Director, Business Development & Recruitment for IQPC Exchange North American Sales sharing the 2nd part of her recent interview by the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance. This time around – we are talking about employment transitions and Christie shares frank advice from a recruiters standpoint.

 This was the 2nd part of a TBCN series that gives advice and information on how to get a job. This video was produced and edited at Tampa Bay Community Network. Christie was delighted to be part of this fantastic series and thanks TBCN for the experience.

To find out more about the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance please click here, alternatively to find out more about the TBCN series click here

IQPC’s career page offers advice on career progression as well as citing all our current available roles. Check them out today!

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