There’s at least one in every office – that ‘podcast’ guy, or the ‘content’ girl… known within IQPC as the Online Communications (or content) manager.

In Dubai, Anthony Permal wears this hat, but he was formerly a marketing manager who chose to change his focus and take on the role of OCM.

Anthony, you began as a marketing manager with IQPC and then moved into the role of Online Content Manager – why?

Even as an MM I was always looking at ways to do what we were doing in a new yet measurable way, whether it was better press releases, creating our own in-house research etc. I’d already seen my constant tinkering bear fruit for Click 4.0 last year when we did the SM survey results white paper, and that prompted Johanna (Issako) to present the OCM role to me. Here I was, looking at a role where I could create brand new, in-demand content of every sharable kind! So I guess the carrot was juicy enough.

Can you highlight for me some of the benefits of understanding the role of MM which you bring to the role of OCM?

Being an MM prepared me in many ways for taking on this role, especially from a ‘how to market it’ and ‘who our target is’ point of view. Knowing how Sky works in-depth, how it tracks campaigns and content, knowing the intricacies of Exact Target – the email software we use – and how it measures performance, and mostly knowing our database segmentation and levels enabled me to really understand how to position content, e.g. how to structure my questions in a Q&A or live interview so that it benefits a wider audience if need be. Since I used to market and write copy for a variety of industries for my events, I was able to immediately grasp the lingo and the mindset in use by professionals in these industries. This helps when considering how to pitch a CEO in an oil firm for an interview, for example.

What has been your most successful content piece to date in terms of downloads and response rates? Why do you think it performed so well?

In March, I designed an Infographic for digital marketing in the Middle East, something that had never been done in the region. We drew facts & figures from our own surveys and from recent credible reports. The effect was great: we got 200 downloads, 20 registrations, quite a lot of tweets and retweets, it was featured on some high-profile blogs and sites including the Chartered Institute of PR. We felt it performed well for two reasons: 1) The region is on the brink of a digital marketing explosion, and marketers here are hungry for statistics that are quick, factual and are easy to present to their managers and 2) it was presented in a way no one had seen before. It was our ‘remarkable’ content.  

See below for the infographic! 

And by remarkable content, you mean?

Content which our target market will want to remark on and share with peers.  When we created the Infographic, we had that goal in mind, and we met the goal.

What’s the best marketing resource you refer to for inspiration – can you share some tips with us?

I refer to different sources based on what I need educating in.

Strategy: I love Chris Brogan’s blog (within days of Google+ going viral, he already had a top 10 tips post!)

Tools & stats: I often refer to Mashable to know what the best tools are and what the latest numbers are

How-to: My best friend is Hubspot

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