This is the story of how two simple marketers from Australia became great friends, and shared a common dream for life in the big apple –New York City.

In June of 2009 I (Chris Archer) started with IQPC in Sydney. My second week on the job I met Courtney Green, it was her first day as Marketing Manager and we sat together in desk pod talking about how hard it was for us to both find a great job in the midst of a global financial crisis.

Quite early on we laughed about the possibility of being offered an internal transfer to another IQPC office, and since we had both New York in mind, I said to Courtney ‘One day darling, you and I will be in New York, having a wine, and reminiscing about days gone by in the Sydney office’….

I was blessed with the opportunity first and moved to New York in November of 2010. In one short week from now, Courtney will be joining the team here with me.

Through the support of our global team – our dream is about to come true!

So with her life packed up and many goodbyes ahead of her, I spoke with Courtney about her imminent, life-changing adventure. 

Courtney, soon you’ll be making the journey to NYC to join the team as a Senior Marketing Manager – can you highlight some of the things you’ve learned in the two years at IQPC Sydney…

Where do I start! I feel like I came into IQPC at a really interesting time. Over the last two years I’ve seen massive shifts in the way we market our products. I started when DM was still the hero and only recruiters had LinkedIn profiles. Now DM is on the decline and marketing via social media is making a huge impact on the way we spend our time at work and has become a staple of any marketing plan. It’s a very interesting and exciting time. To think so much has changed in only two years!

What would be your advice to your replacement about the role of a marketing manager?

Always be on the lookout for new ways to market your product and never be afraid to test! If you don’t test you’ll never know! I feel that all Marketing Managers should always be on the search for new channels or methods of communication. If not, you run the risk of getting bored and complacent, which will show in your work and in turn your results!

What has been your greatest achievement at IQPC so far?

I think my greatest achievement so far is realising my goal of being offered a job in NYC! I remember when you and I used to talk about it in the tea room, and now here we are! IQPC is a great company that develops those who have goals and want to do well in the company – anyone who puts in the hard yards will certainly be rewarded for their hard work. Being awarded ‘Employee of the Year’ at last year’s Christmas Party was quite nice too…But that just makes me sound like a goodie two shoes…  

What are you most excited about to experience in NYC?

EVERYTHING! I’ve never been, but I’ve dreamt of living in NYC for a very long time. Can’t wait to get immersed in the music scene, try all the amazing restaurants, meet new people, and explore the different cultures within the city. I’m also really looking forward to working in an American office and seeing how it differs from Australia. 

What are the quintessential ‘American’ things you’re keen to experience here?

Walking around Times Square at night, ice skating around Central Park in winter, shopping at vintage clothing stores in the East Village, watching the crystal ball drop on New Years Eve. Yes, I probably sound like a massive tourist… I don’t mind… I already know I won’t be able to whip the smile of my face.

What’s your LinkedIn URL?

Courtney & Chris @ Chris’ Farewell 2010

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