“IQPC is a fun, friendly, entrepreneurial working environment”

We recently interviewed one of our sales reps in Sydney, here’s what he had to say…

Australia ImageWhat attracted you to work for IQPC?

As a fresh graduate, I was keen to make my mark in the business world. IQPC recognizes strengths and skills in people, and they saw potential in me, offering me a chance to build a career in the exciting field of business and corporate events. On top of being located in the heart of the CBD, it’s a great entrepreneurial role in a very dynamic industry.

As part of the inbound sales team, I have the unique opportunity to work on multiple events across varying industries that the company researches and produces. My job is to have meaningful dialogues with people in different job functions to see how our events can help them in their positions and careers.

My biggest achievements so far are -

  • Runner up for ‘Company’s Rising Star’ award
  • Highest written delegate revenue in 2014 @ 85k in 1 month
  • Consistently in the top spots of the revenue leader board
  • Identified and being mentored as a ‘future leader’ within the business

If you had to sum up IQPC in one sentence, what would it be?

In a nutshell, IQPC is a fun, friendly, entrepreneurial working environment with endless opportunities for growth and development.

Besides benefiting from world class training and a great workplace culture, IQPC understands your career objectives and will give you 200% in return for your 100%. The opportunity to work in international offices such as New York, London or Dubai is a testament to the company’s willingness to help you with your role and setting you up for success.

Jason Romain, Chief Marketing Officer, attended WBR’s eTail Asia 2015 in Singapore last week – this is what he learnt!

What I learnt at eTail Asia

13 03 2015

eTailI just spent an interesting couple of days at WBR’s eTail Asia in Singapore. They created a great mix of retailers and a good balance of online marketing and ecommerce, which also featured lots of insight for any marketer. Congrats to the whole team – Awesome event as always!

Here’s my top 7 take aways:

1) Think globally but act ‘hyper local’. Culture affects channels as much as it can message.

2) It only takes one person to start building a content marketing machine!

  • Start small and build over time
  • Engage users and influencers
  • Have an editorial calendar
  • Share it with partners
  • 92% of customer trust earned media – It will pay for itself!

3) The war of attribution – Search (or email in our case) gets a lot of credit but what made you search in the first place? So count people not clicks. I think this is the next big challenge for all marketers. We have so many things to measure, and with devices proliferating, it’s getting harder and harder to get to the bottom of what drove behavior. Finding a way to measure and depict the overall customer journey will help marketers make smarter decisions. Then building a system that (automatically) markets to people based on individual behavior is the Holy Grail! Banner Blindness – 90% of people who view banners don’t click, but 77% more people are reached via banners, and 22% are more likely to click when they get emails and banners ad’s! Got a headache yet?

4) Turn big data into smart data – Chose one simple metric to really focus on and use other metrics as levers. For Grab Taxi, it was number of rides. We need to invest in intelligent technology that helps us turn data into decisions.

5) Channels are proliferating – Don’t pass the fragmentation onto the customer! The customer journey is very much cross device so we must build a consistent experience.

6) Mobile Mobile Mobile

7) TALENT – The more things change the more they stay the same! Data driven marketers will be the future rock stars of marketing (I just hired a maths tutor for my kids!).

The Sales Development Programme 2015

If you are just getting started in your sales career and have a burning ambition to progress and to ensure you become the best you can be, the sales development programme in London could be the ideal next step.

Every graduate role claims to offer training, but how many companies actually do? Every business claims to have progression, but how quickly can graduates actually move up? IQPC offers a 3 month training programme which is designed to get you from total novice (you don’t need any experience) to sales manager. This is a fast track training and development programme for talented graduates and it’s not for the faint hearted. We’re serious about investing in graduates and keeping them in our business for a long time…

We offer –

  • The best sales training in the events industry
  • A coaching programme to tailor the training to your specific developmental needs
  • Assignments designed to develop key skills and bed in top performer habits
  • £22.5k salary, increasing to £25k on completion of 3 months
  • A competitive commission scheme which enables a realistic OTE of £60k in year one in the role
  • Company Benefits
  • Long term career progression

If you are interested in joining the next Sales Development Programme, please contact us asap to arrange an interview.

An Overview of IQPC Exchange

What is it like to join the sponsorship sales team at IQPC?

Happy New Year! We’ve got big plans in 2015 and the growth of our sponsorship sales team is fundamental to driving our business forward. We are really excited about the opportunities within our London office, this truly is a great time to join us!

Some members of our sponsorship sales team progressed from delegate sales positions in the business, others joined us from competitor organisations or sales roles outside of the industry. In fact, some of our team have rejoined IQPC after doing different things. I interviewed some of our current sales team to find out more about what it was like to join the sponsorship sales team and what keeps them working here. Here’s what they said…

“Since being in the events/ conference industry for many years you get to hear who the key industry players are and who not to work for. I started off my career at another conference company which I believe gave me great grounding to be the sales person and manager that I am today. I joined IQPC in November 2013 and the minute I walked in the office I was greeted with great people, a great working environment but more importantly people seemed like they really enjoyed working here.The quality of the events is very high level, the whole process is very tight and they run very smoothly. More importantly clients who invest large sums of money are actually getting a ROI which makes my job a lot easier! I am really enjoying my time here, also It does help that I got my first deal within the first 4 days of being on the phone so I realised money can be made as a new person if you put the work in…” Ben Sponsorship Sales 

“When I left IQPC, I missed the people and the social aspects to the job, I decided to come back as I had a chance to do a role with more responsibility. I had a chance to work in two sectors with more account management and more opportunity to meet clients.” Andrew – Sponsorship Sales

“I left IQPC as I felt that I had gone as far as I could have gone in terms of my sales development, I wanted to add more strings to my bow in terms of working in different sectors and learning other approaches to sales. I really missed the feeling of being part of a family, being with a competitor made me realise that actually, IQPC does have quality sales people that are technically strong and intelligent. I missed being around those people because they made me better at my job. I also missed the regular training we were given, but above all, I missed the 40 minute door to door journey!” Maz – Sponsorship Sales

If you are interested in having a further conversation about the chance to join our sponsorship sales team, please send your CV to recruitment@iqpc.co.uk

What does ‘The Apprentice’ TV show really know about interviewing?

Most of you will at least have heard of the BBC1 reality game show programme “The Apprentice” and for those of you that are more dedicated viewers, this week you will have seen the infamous interview round.

The remaining candidates meet with a series of interviewers who expose potential flaws in their business plan, uncover any embellishments or lies on their CV, as well as testing how well the candidates cope under pressure – all standard interview stuff, right?

Imagine arriving at a company, walking in to the room and having the interviewer refuse to shake your hand. Imagine that interviewer lacks the common courtesy to stand up when you come in to the room and also doesn’t offer you any eye contact. Imagine then that this same person swears at you and orders you to leave the room without actually ever interviewing you at all.

Let’s be serious for one minute, if this were a real business that was actively recruiting, would anyone actually want to work there?

Fortunately most businesses that are recruiting are better at remembering that interviews are a two way process, fail to impress in that first meeting and it’s highly unlikely that the candidate is coming back. As a business looking for the best talent in the market place, candidate attraction is at the top of our priority list for 2015… interviewing ‘Apprentice’ style is definitely not.

Interrogation and bullying tactics (shouting over a candidate’s response or not giving them the chance to answer your question) have no place in the real world of recruiting. Candidates should expect questions based around their professional experience, not a series of attacks that are so aggressive they reduce the candidate to tears.

‘The Apprentice’ is great entertainment; but any candidates who are job searching at the moment should expect much more positive interview experiences – rest easy, it’s only a game show.

How I Got Arianna Huffington to @ Mention Me on Twitter

As the Manager of Talent Acquisition for IQPC’s New York office, I am always looking for continuing education opportunities. Luckily, IQPC supports training and development for all its employees, and so I was fortunate enough to get to attend the LinkedIn Talent Connect conference two weeks ago in San Francisco. The conference was a massive convention of Talent Acquisition professionals from all industries, company sizes, and experience levels, coming together to hear presentations on best practices, data analytics, and future trends.
The programming I witnessed was incredible. I took pages and pages of notes, and came away with so many great ideas that I can’t wait to implement in my day to day recruitment practices. Aside from all the new information I got, one of the things I was really excited to hear was the confirmation that we were already getting it right in so many ways. Here at IQPC, we value our candidates and the time they put into the interview process, and our candidate experience reflects that. We know that changing jobs, or starting your first career out of college, is a big deal, and we want it to be a careful and well thought out experience for both you and us.
On the last day of the conference, I was lucky enough to hear Arianna Huffington give the closing keynote speech. For those of you who may not be familiar with Arianna, she’s the genius behind The Huffington Post, an online news platform. During her meteoric rise to becoming the media mogul she is today, she suffered a terrible breakdown from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. This incident, which resulted in a concussion, a broken cheekbone, and multiple stitches from when she collapsed, led her to reexamine the working conditions that had gotten her to that point.
In her brilliant and hysterically funny speech, Arianna talked about the importance of “leaning back to lean in”, or simply that rest and relaxation are as important to productivity as virtually any other tactic you can implement for yourself. If you are not well rested, your productivity and creativity suffer greatly, contributing to burn out, exhaustion, and other maladies which cost us as employees, our employers, and our economy millions each year.
During her speech, I was so glad to hear that this was another way that IQPC is “getting it right”. We don’t roll over our employees’ paid time off from year to year because we actually want people to take vacation! Like Arianna, we realize that our employees are happiest and most productive when they are rested, relaxed, and happy to come to work everyday. The work/life balance that we promote at IQPC recognizes that we work to live our lives, not the other way around.
After Arianna’s amazing speech, I was so inspired that I took to my Twitter to comment on how I was feeling, and below, dear readers, is a screen shot of what happened next. All I can say is that now I can die happy, and of course well-rested.


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